Restaurant App Template for iOS7

Restaurant App Template for iOS7

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Easily create a beautiful restaurant app, features menu, news, location and reservation.

Restaurant App Template allows you to quickly create a beautiful restaurant app with features such as menu, news, location and reservation. Each feature is customizable to your restaurant's need.


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Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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  • Beautiful and configurable
  • Food Menu, easily populated with plist(XML)
  • iOS 7 like translucent look and feel. Menu table fades in and out as user scoll through list.
  • Sub menu item page with picture and detailed item description
  • News page.
  • Location page easily configured with plist(XML)
  • Supports multiple restaurant locations
  • Supports Apple Maps driving directions
  • Reservation screen, easily let users email or call in in a reservation request


  • Includes fully working xCode demo
  • Instruction to set up and customize Menu, News, Location and Reservation screen
  • All app icons and background images


  • Restaurant App Template requires iOS SDK version 7.0, and is targeted for iOS 7.0 and above and is optimized for iPhone's only.

Setting Up

Menu Items

  • Find menItem.plist under Supporting Files in xCode
  • Specify title, image, overview and description
  • Menu Item will be sorted by title when displayed in app
  • image must be added to the project to be included
  • overview is a short description shown on the Menu list
  • Description is a detail description shown in Menu Item Screen


  • Find location.plist under Supporting Files in xCode
  • Specify name, address, latitude and longitude of each location

News Replace the following URL with yours in Config.h under Supporting Files in xCode #define WEB_URL @""

Reservation Replace the following email and phone number with yours in Config.h under Supporting Files in xCode #define RESERVATIONEMAIL @"" #define RESERVATIONPHONE @"12345678910"

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  • КВ Костенко Виктор 4 years ago
    Hi! Tell this app works with the server? I can add description and prescription remotely when the application is in store? Thank you
    • Eddie Lau Publisher 4 years ago
      Sorry, no the menus and locations can not be changed remotely! The news section loads a web page.