ReturnMagazine for iOS

ReturnMagazine for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

An highly optimized PDF's downloader/viewer framework for iPhone and iPad, designed for Magazine and Catalog apps.

ReturnMagazine is a PDF viewer and downloader for iOS. With this framework you can easily build PDF readers, catalog and magazine apps. You just need to add a view controller and implement a delegate to download the magazines from your backend to make it work.

Unlike other commercial frameworks, ReturnMagazine is optimized for the downloading and rendering during the viewing: the users can start reading the magazine shortly after they started the download


  • Optimized downloading and background rendering while the user reads the magazine
  • The caching engine preloads the pages and offer a fast page scrolling experience
  • Page thumbnails are fast to open and can be shown with a slick animation
  • Custom views support (you can include buttons, links or custom views inside the pages)
  • Designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. Runs great on old devices (iPhone 3GS and iPad1), and uses more aggressive caching on new devices
  • Pinch to zoom or Double Tap to zoom
  • Portrait and Landscape orientation support
  • Flexible download locations: you can use your backend service to dynamic download the magazines
  • Offline reading after the first complete download
  • Helper functions to manage installed magazines and get the thumbnail of the pages (you can easily build a view to shows the magazines)
  • Bonus: In App Purchase class to manage transaction queues
  • Added in the 1.1 update: Download from single PDF file (not splitted)

Coming soon

  • Annotation Support
  • Page curl animations.

The framework is currently used in this app: Giornale di Sicilia


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Single App License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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The documentation of all the public classes is available at


The source code of ReturnMagazine is developed with iOS Base SDK 6.0 but works on a deployment target of iOS 5 or greater on armv7 and armv7s and can be used in ARC and non-ARC projects.

Quick Start Guide

The project includes an Xcode sample project that shows how to use the application.

To use the framework you must instantiate the RMMagazineViewController class:

rmViewController = [[RMMagazineViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
[rmViewController startLoading];

Add the RMMagazineViewController as a subview of your viewcontroller and implement the RMViewControllerDataSource:

#pragma mark RMViewControllerDataSource

-(int) numberOfPagesInMagazineViewController:(RMMagazineViewController *) magazineViewController;
    return numberOfPages;

-(NSString *) downloadBasePathForMagazineViewController:(RMMagazineViewController *) magazineViewController;
    return @"";

-(NSString *) magazineViewController:(RMMagazineViewController *) magazineViewController downloadPathForPage:(int) page;
    return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"magazinepath/page_%i.pdf", page + 1];

-(NSString *) magazineIdentifierForMagazineViewController:(RMMagazineViewController *) magazineViewController;
    return @"UniqueIdentifierForMagazine";

// Important: you must define the size in which the magazine will be displayed on portrait orientation for an optimal creation of the caches
-(CGSize) screenPortraitSizeForMagazineViewController:(RMMagazineViewController *) magazineViewController;
    return render_size_portrait;

You must know the download location of the magazine and the number of pages it contains. You need to talk to your backend service to get these informations. The PDFs are downloaded as a single-page splitted PDF to optimize the starting time during the first download (the user can starts reading the magazine after a few seconds).

The library also supports the rendering of local files, check the documentation of RMDelegate for the details.

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