Sensible TableView 3.0

Sensible TableView 3.0

Released 7 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Breakthrough iOS development framework that automatically generates UI based on your Objective-C classes, Core Data models, or even remote web service structures.

Sensible TableView (or STV) is a native Objective-C framework that drastically simplifies iOS app development, while simultaneously focusing on delivering a truly intuitive and enjoyable developer experience. STV works by understanding your classes, Core Data entities, or even remote web services, then creating a user interface that fully represent their structure. Furthermore, STV detects object relationships and automatically generates all detail views representing these relationships. STV not only creates the UI, but also makes sure that any user input is validated and automatically committed back to your objects, Core Data entities, and/or any data structure you bind to. Finally, every single aspect of the whole process is fully customizable by the developer.

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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


STV 3.0 Lite

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

What our customers are saying

"I wanted to thank for for all the help you gave me during the development of ThinkBook. ThinkBook is currently #7 in the iPad Paid Productivity applications chart." -Emiliano Molina

"This code is a great time saver!" -Jeff Walstrom

"Thank you very much for this, it works perfectly. I don't actually believe it myself, but I have in just a few hours completely prototyped an entire application. Brilliant!" -Graham Barker

"Just letting you know that today all 5 apps I created using your Sensible TableView have been approved and are currently in the app store." -Romeo Giovani

"Believe me, I wish I had Sensible TableView before I started Tap Forms. Would have saved me tons of code." -Brendan Duddridge

"Sensible TableView has the best support of any product I have used in years!" -Jerry Moffet

"This is an amazing package you've built!" -David DelMonte

"...your tools are amazing. My app just got about 20 files less, thanks for your great work." -Shani Hajbi

"Great product, learning lots from it, and saving lots of dev time." -Brian Simmons

"Honestly this is the best support for any payment I have made in my life." -Oguz Kocer

"I am incredibly impressed with your company so far. You seem to have a true caring for your customers and that makes such a difference in building loyalty (and a better, happier world). And STV seems to be elegantly designed and very reasonably priced, with lots of attention to the little details." -David Mandell

"Just purchased the package. Was sold after the first three minutes of your intro video!" -Ralf Rottman

"Thanks a lot for your great job. Your lib is amazing!" -Christian Lacroix

"Sensible Cocoa is really rocking my project right now!" -Martin G.

"Being a new customer I was amazed by the extra ordinary motivation and the effort you guys put into Sensible TableView and its excellent support. It's simply great fun working with you!" -Sebastian Ludwig

"Fantastic! Thank you for this great toolkit and the awesome support of it!" - Frank Sauer

"Every couple of years I find a product that I consider to be of REAL value - what you created is going to be top on my list in this category for a LONG time to come!" -Karl S.

"First, let me say what a fantastic product you have made. I have been trying to figure out the best way of approaching editable table views and when I found STV today it was a life-saver. After watching your introductory videos I immediately bought STV and spent the rest of the day exploring all the features and functions. I think that this is going to reduce quite a bit of the work I need to complete on my app, potentially reducing some of the coding from several weeks to around an hour :)" -Matthew Purcell

How can STV save this ridiculous amount of time?

STV works in a really straight forward, simple and intuitive manner.

  • It first starts by analyzing your data structures and models, developing a deep “understanding” of all your different data objects, data types and inter-object relationships. All this happens at run-time, giving you the chance to fully customize STV’s understanding of your structures. STV supports almost every type of data structures, including regular Objective-C classes, Core Data object graphs, remote web services, and even NSUserDefaults and iCloud key-value storage.
  • Once STV understands your data structures, it’s able to create the full set of user interface (UI) elements that represents this data. This includes all the elements required to display existing data, add new data, edit it, or completely remove it. STV also automatically creates all detail views for all object relationships, including providing special UI for 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many dependencies. Again, all this is fully customizable, including the ability to provide your own custom cells, table views, and/or view controllers.
  • STV then goes ahead and takes all this one step further by automatically binding all the UI it created to your data objects. Once binding is done, the UI becomes completely representative of all the objects you have. Furthermore, adding, editing and deleting UI elements will automatically get reflected in the objects you have stored. As perviously discussed, STV supports binding to regular Objective-C objects (called Object Binding), Core Data Binding, Web Service Binding, User Defaults Binding and iCloud Binding. Similar to everything else, you can always customize what STV does behind the scenes.
  • Finally, STV utilizes themes to let you take take full control of the look and feel of your entire application. Themes is a technology we developed in-house that enables you to use CSS-like styling to fully customize your UI down to the very last pixel! To add icing on the cake, STV already ships with several professionally designed theme files to help you achieve a stunning look for your apps at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer!

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For much more details on Sensible TableView, make sure you download our free eBook.

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