Serial Generator Class

Serial Generator Class

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Create serial keys on the fly in multiple formats : random regular and multi-part strings and custom formats.

Serial Generator class is a simple to use class that generates serial keys for your projects. It's simple to use and requires no knowledge of PHP. Just add one line in your project and your done creating a key for your costumers.

Create several types of serial keys:

  • Random characters and numbers string
  • Multi-part random string (control the numbers of parts and separator)
  • Custom format keys


Random keys:

require 'serialgenerator.class.php';

// random key with 10 chars
echo Serial::random(10);
// Example output : '4WQZBXA66D'

Multi-part random keys:

require 'serialgenerator.class.php';

// We can control the parts via method parameters
echo Serial::newSerial(4,5,'-'); 
// Example output : 'USB46-8EWWR-6DPAE-HA648'

Custom format keys:

require 'serialgenerator.class.php';

echo Serial::costumSerial('B*I*N-P*R*E*S*S');
// Example output : 'BYIEN-PVR4EBSFS'
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