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SistevProcess is a tool to create web applications by dragging and dropping a workspace components

SistevProcess is a versatile tool designed to facilitate the creation and maintenance of web projects, which range from websites to complex applications.

It is well known that there are certain drawbacks like everything web development : complexity in reading and maintaining the source code , interaction and understanding among all actors involved in development ( programmers, designers , project managers , customers, etc . ) . SistevProcess offers a solution to all these problems , providing a friendly environment , documentable , and visual development.


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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support


All documentation you will find in this url: SistevProcessDocs

Installation and setup

To install the application you must have the following:

  • A web server with PHP 5.3 or greater.
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater.
  • A modern web browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, IExplorer 9 +).

We recommend using a web server with apache, according to the Web server that you own you can check the following documentation:

Another option is to install a package that contains everything you need as XAMPP, which you can download XAMPP

Note: Before performing an installation or system update always remember to backup your old files and database.

Once you download the application proceeds to unzip the file to your web server or on your local machine. You can rename the main folder with the name that you see fit.

Then open your browser to the address that contains the directory SistevProcess, which will take you directly to the system installer, follow the instructions and ready and you can enjoy the system.

Note: Remember to be aware of system upgrades to be conducted continuously to improve the functionality and application security

Structure Of The Code

The coding in SistevProcess is:

  • installer
  • resources
  • server
  • temp
  • userdata
  • index.php
  • sp.js

Below we detail what the function of each folder:

installer: This folder contains the code to install the system on the web server, for security reasons it is important to delete or overwrite this folder once it is done installing SistevProcess .

resources: This folder holds the images, stylesheets and javascript libraries necessary for the Carrying out of SistevProcess.

server: This folder contains all the functionality of the server side SistevProcess also contains CodeIgniter and MVC structure system format.

temp: This folder is used internally to store temporary files which will then be used for a specific process, for example when projects this folder is used to organize the files will be compressed and then downloaded to the user's computer are packaged.

userdata: This folder contains all the configuration files and components of projects created by the user.

index.php: This is the main php file where stylesheets, javascript libraries and other components required to run SistevProcess pair added.

sp.js: The main javascript file that contains some important system functions.

Sample Usage

Create your first project

Now that you installed on your server SistevProcess we will create a simple application to become familiar with the system.

If you open your web browser at the address where the facility SistevProcess first thing you'll see will be a screen like this:

alt text

There you click on the "New Project" icon, a window called "New Project Window" appears, standing in the "Project Name" field MyProject. As shown in figure:

alt text

Then you click on the "ok" button to create the project.

Once done, we will create a process to do this click on the "Add New Process" button located in the left pane called "Inspector" as shown in the following picture:

alt text

When you do this is to display a window called "New Process Window" in the "Enter a name for the new Process" field, put process1 then press "ok" button.

If all goes well you will see in the "Inspector" panel process you just created and in the middle panel (workspace) you will see a tab with the name of the process.

If you want to remove the process workspace only you click on the X "x" that appears at the top of the flange of the process. To open it again, you click on the process name in the "Inspector" panel. Okay now let's drag a "Code" component is listed first in the right panel called "Components" to our workspace, the figure shows as seen our project so far.

alt text

You will notice a kind of crown will appear in the upper right part of the component we just drag, this indicates that the component is "Root", ie is the main component of the process. The Root components are those that are performed first in the processes and also may not have ancestors.

To modify the component must double click on it or right click with the mouse, and in the context menu click on "Edit".

Once done, a window called "Component Configuration Window" appears, there are several elements, the first is a field called "Name Component", a default name for the component which can be modified by a more descriptive name as it appears for example Registration Form, Database Connection, Delete registration, etc.. For purposes of this tutorial we will place Hello World.

The second important element in the window is a central field where you can insert php code Please note that you must enter your php code without the opening and closing tags: <?php...?>

Let's insert the following code:

echo "Hola Mundo"; 

Then we click on the "Save" button to save changes.

Then we click on the "Preview" button on the top menu after which a window called "Preview Window" leave the fields empty and click on the "preview" button will appear. If all goes well, we will see a screen like this:

alt text

Congratulations, You've created your first application SistevProcess.


The main features that has SistevProcess are:

  • Development through drag and drop components code
  • Packaging Project .
  • Real-time execution .
  • Pre- process visualization .
  • Modular development .
  • Comments Code .
  • Prototyping .
  • Development of test units .
  • Create automated processes .
  • Adaptable to other systems and frameworks , such as wordpress, joomla, vtiger , magento , opencart , mediawiki , etc .

To implement SistevProcess you must have:

  • A web server with PHP 5.3 or greater.
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater.
  • A modern web browser ( Chrome , Opera , Mozilla, IExplorer 9 + )-
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