Slider Magic

Slider Magic

Released 1 year ago , Last update 1 year ago

Slider Magic, display your content in a better way

Why Slider Magic?

An slider is an slider and they’re all about the same, right? Not so fast. What are the main requirements for choosing any kind of web component? Compatibility, easy setup, high performance, and nice look and feel. With Slider Magic we've tried to create the perfect html slider for text, images and videos that covers all these needs and even more:

Compatible with  all possible browsers, devices, web standards

Slider Magic looks and works flawlessly on all mobile devices, modern and mejor browsers., All slider of Slider magic is responsive and all of them tested in several device and browsers

Minimum efforts to learn, create and embed in your web project

Don't waste your time for coding, learning yet another API, testing etc. All of our slider are ready to use. You have to copy and paste all links of css and js pages from the example page to your page.

Fast, lightweight, error-free

Slider magic is a lightweight, fast and error free component for your project. We have tested it several time but if you still got any problem I am always here to

help you

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  • Time-Saving

    It is a 5 minutes job adding a slider of Slider Magic with your web page because every slider of Slider Magic come as a ready to use item.  It can run in your page just by some copy paste and changing value of some variables.
  • Cost Effective

    It is a matter of two cup of coffee and you will get 25 different type slider for text image and video content.

  • Easy to use

    It is so easy to use in your web page that if you have no idea of coding, you can also add it in your web page just by following the documentation and example page



    Using of any slider of  Slider Magic is really a  matter of fun. Just have to some copy and paste and your slider is ready to run.

    All sliders of Slider Magic is brilliantly responsive with any template, effect, options you choose. No matter what device people access your site from, the slider will look consistently perfect.eds.

    Every slider of Slider Magic come with a scope to customize it externally  just by changing some values in config xml file.
  • Dynamic data

    All sliders are xml driven that means you can change content of a slider within 5 minutes and without touch it's code.
  • No need  to be a coder

    The installation system of all slider is so easy that you can use it without knowledge about coding.
  • well documented

    Slider Magic is content with a brief  documentation and you can also find individual instruction page with each slider as it's example page



14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Hosted License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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