Social Media Management Software

Social Media Management Software

Released 5 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Social media marketing open source software solution.

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  • E Emile 3 years ago
    Hi there, I'm intrested in getting this, but since its not been updated for a while, is this still in perfect working condition and is there still ongoing support on this?
  • BN Brad Nickel 4 years ago
    Any chance you will be adding LinkedIn and other social networks to the product? Also, links in demo are throwing an error: Not Found The requested URL /gp/social/mentions was not found on this server.
  • NG Nick Giacopuzzi 4 years ago
    What social networks does this connect with? is there a list i can view?
  • PK Peter Kuipers 4 years ago
    Dear Paul, As it says social media monitoring, could this monitor keywords on Social networks, or brand names. We are very interrested in this piece of software. Can you tell us a bit about the future of it... will new networks be added and so on... Peter
  • MA Mark austin License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Nov 5, 2013
    5 years ago
    What are the login details to the demo please?
    • Paul Shumskiy Publisher 5 years ago
      Demo link updated, no login is required
    • MA Mark austin 5 years ago
      Thanks. Does this support multiple client profiles, directory profiles, social media accounts etc on one URL or is one install for one profile only?
    • Paul Shumskiy Publisher 5 years ago
      Yes, it supports multiple profiles / users and number of them only depends on your server capabilities (i.e. unlimited)
    • MA Mark austin 5 years ago
      Great, thanks Paul. Last few questions for now on the license under the terms of the licence I am free to charge others to access the platform on our server, correct? Can we install the platform on multiple sub-domains of our main domain for each of our clients to have their own accessible platform? Thanks for you time.
    • Paul Shumskiy Publisher 5 years ago
      1) Correct, you may charge users and do business with this software. The only limitation of the standard licence - you can't re-sell software copies. 2) You are free to set up as many subdomains as you want, only main domains number is limited to 1.
    • MA Mark austin 5 years ago
      Cool, all sounds good Paul. I will talk it over with my business partner tomorrow. So with the developer license we could sell it as is and let them host it their own server on the same terms as the standard license, right? Also, is there any user guide/documentation with the purchase? They are the last questions tonight (promise!)
    • Paul Shumskiy Publisher 5 years ago
      1) Yes, correct. But this is non-excluseive licence which means that we will keep selling our version of the software and someone else can start selling it also after purchasing a licence 2) Software is delivered with installation instructions. And also I am always in touch and open for any questions :)
  • MM Mustaza M. 5 years ago
    do we have a demo?
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