Soft Popup Notification for iOS (Toast)

Soft Popup Notification for iOS (Toast)

Displays an unintrusive message to the user. It is short lived, fully customizable, and non-interactive so the user can be textually notified without being forced to act.

EZToastView displays an unintrusive message to the user. It is short lived, semi-transparent, and non-interactive so the user can be textually notified without being forced to act. It is robustly customizable and allows you to get up and rolling with one line of code. No need to link or import dependent libraries. No need to worry about frame and view dimensions.

Toast messages can be used to notify but not annoy your users. For instance:

  • When there is a validation error
  • When an operation was successful
  • When an operation was not successful
  • When giving instruction clues
  • When displaying tips and tricks
  • When something occurred in the background
  • When there is a network connection error


  • Customizable colors, fonts, sizes, positions, durations, and more
  • Shows queued up toasts in sequence
  • Well documented with how-to, class reference, and sample project
  • No external libraries or frameworks to import
  • Auto-rotates with device orientation changes
  • Automatically positions and sizes itself
  • Takes one line of code to show a toast
  • Allows for global styling similar to iOS' UIAppearance Protocol
  • Takes minutes to get up and rolling
  • Works for both iPhone and iPad
  • Supports both ARC and non-ARC

See EZToastView How-To for installation and use instructions.


To install EZToastView, simply drag the EZToastView.h and the EZToastView.m files to your Xcode project. Be sure to import the EZToastView.h file at the top of any class you wish to use it in.

#import "EZToastView.h"

Easy Mode

To easily show an EZToastView to the user with a given text, simply call:

[EZToastView showToastMessage:@"Record updated successfully."];

Default toast

How about a toast with a certain alignment:

[EZToastView showToastMessage:@"Record updated successfully." withAlignment:EZToastViewAlignmentCenter];

Center aligned toast

Alignments possible:


How about one with a 10 point margin from the bottom:

[EZToastView showToastMessage:@"Record updated successfully." withAlignment:EZToastViewAlignmentBottom alignmentMargin:10.0f];

Small margin toast

Advanced Features

If you want to customize the look and feel of all of the toast messages, somewhere in your code, possibly the application:didFinishLoadingWithOptions: method, you can set the default values like so:

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions
    //... (typical code above)

    id defaults = [EZToastView appearanceDefaults];
    [defaults setToastBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithRed:1.0 green:0.0 blue:0.0 alpha:0.7]];

    return YES;

See the EZToastViewAppearanceDefaults Protocol Reference for all available options. Other appearance methods include:


Now any subsequent toasts will have this appearance:

[EZToastView showToastMessage:@"Enter a proper email address."];

A red toast

If you want to show a one-time, customizable toast, you can allocate one like so:

EZToastView *toast = [[EZToastView alloc] init];
toast.toastBackgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
toast.borderColor = [UIColor blackColor];
toast.messageColor = [UIColor darkGrayColor];
toast.borderWidth = 4.0f;
toast.maximumWidth = 100.0f;
toast.message = @"Your upload is complete!";
[toast show];

Heavily customized toast

See the EZToastView Reference for all the property settings available. Other appearance properties include:


You can also show the toast within another subview like so:

EZToastView *toast = [[EZToastView alloc] init];
toast.toastAlignment = EZToastViewAlignmentTop;
toast.toastAlignmentMargin = 5.0f;
toast.message = @"No network connection available!";
[toast showInView:self.innerView];

A toast as a subview

See the EZToastView Class Reference for the technical details.

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  • So far, it is working flawlessly. Trivially easy to incorporate.
    TO Tom Otvos
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • Easy to use just as the document indicates. Great app, great addition to my tool set.
    BS Bernard Simmons
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • Great component overall. Love the ability to customize.
    A Airizom
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • MS Mattias Svensson 6 months ago
    Does the messages in Soft Popup Noitification-system (iOS) get closed when user tap them or do they stay on screen for the target duration regardless?
  • Lucid Vapor LLC Developer 10 months ago
    Yes. It does.
  • M Mahendra 10 months ago
    Does this work with iOS7 and Xcode5 projects?