Sonic Framework

Sonic Framework is the world's fastest PHP 5.3 framework (~800% faster than Zend Framework). It is extremely lightweight, contains an implementation of Facebook's big pipe, a simple ORM, and more.

  • Language: PHP
  • Released: Feb 10, 2011
    Last Update: May 8, 2011

Wait a minute... what is this?

Sonic is a PHP 5.3 framework that takes advantage of newly introduced PHP 5.3 features such as closuresnamespaces, and late static binding, but it goes far beyond that:


Sonic was built to be fast. Every core architecture decision was benchmarked to determine the fastest possible solution.

It is far from a perfect science, but in simple Apache benchmark tests Sonic is ~800% faster than Zend Framework.


The code is clean and easy to follow. You can search, but there is not a single else statement anywhere to be found.

Getting started is as easy as running an installation script, adding a vhost, and hitting your page in a browser.


Sonic is designed to be extremely scalable. There are many extensions available to extend the core functionality.

The ORM module, for example, allows you to sync model changes to your database without having to write any SQL.

Turbo Mode

Sonic has an implementation of Facebook's Big Pipe built right in. You can easily toggle in and out of turbo mode, and it automatically handles users and search engine crawlers that don't have JavaScript enabled.

Application Delegation

Sonic let's you specify an App Delegate that will receive messages when events occur in the application such as when an action runs or when a view is rendered. This allows you to easily extend the functionality of Sonic without touching the Application class.

Multilevel Views

Sonic supports rendering any controller/view combination from within any other view. This can go infinite levels deep and makes ajax calls really easy.



This framework requires PHP 5.3 or greater to install.


  1. Unzip the archive provided
  2. cd sonic-v1.1-beta
  3. ./install /path/to/install/to AppName
  4. follow the instructions in /path/to/install/to/README

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