Store Manager for Prestashop

Store Manager for Prestashop

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a desktop application, designed to speed up and automate the management of PrestaShop based stores. You save your time, sweat and money by simply allowing the Store Manager to operate your business.

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    Released on Jun 16, 2015
    We are pleased to present Store Manager for PrestaShop v. and provide the list of enhancements this version delivers.

    - Progress bar displaying update completion has been added to "Quantities" tab of product lower grid.
    - "Shop name" field has been added to order export wizard.

    - Expressions with [FIELD_VALUE] macro now work correctly in product import wizard.

    - Now products will not be assigned to all available shops (on multistore shops) after updates if “All shops” filter or filter by specific shop group is applied in Store Manager. Shop associations are saved properly.

    - If edits are implemented (in the grid or through Mass Product Changer) to product fields that require indexation, their status will change to "Not indexed" and they will automatically be added to "Re-index" list.

    - Carrier associations now display properly for warehouses in Store Manager for PrestaShop application.

    - Now Store Manager works correctly with columns of database table, if their names start with number.

    - Minimum product or combination quantity now applies properly when adding product/combination to order via POS in Store Manager.


    Great news! eMagicOne Team has released new version of Store Manager for PrestaShop.
    Below you can find what improvements have been recently implemented to Store Manager


    - "Export parent details" option has been added to product export wizard
    - Previously images were updated in the product grid (Image Preview column) if one opened Preferences window, although no updates were implemented to FTP settings. This behavior has been corrected and now to updates are made, if FTP settings leave the same
    - All store configurations are now being saved properly
    - Visual representation of some elements in the application has been improved
    - Now when tasks are being removed from FTP Tasks Queue, users get the message notifying about removal
    - Product re-index has been improved
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