Story Book iOS App Template (iPad + iPhone)

Story Book iOS App Template (iPad + iPhone)

Complete Xcode project. Ready-made app for a iPhone, iPad or Universal (iPad+iPhone) picture book. Replace existing jpeg images with your own to build an app in minutes. Includes option to add interactive extras such as coloring pages or activity sheets.

A quick and easy way to publish a picture book (with optional audio) on the App Store, without the need to learn how to develop an App. The easy to use template loads your pages in JPEG format and even narration or sound in MP3 format, and outputs a native iPhone, iPad, or Universal (iPad+iPhone) app, ready for the App Store.

The Story Book App project has the following features:

  • Loads pages from image files - simply save your pages as .jpg files and the Story Book App will display them in sequence. (page1.jpg, page2.jpg, page3.jpg, etc)
  • Swipe between pages, or use the menu to jump to any page.
  • Animated page transitions. Animated startup sequence.
  • Supports an unlimited number of pages, example book included.
  • Universal - supports all models of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
  • Narration audio (save your files as page2_narrate.mp3, page3_narrate.mp3, etc)
  • Add 'tap sounds' - MP3s which play when the user taps on each page (name them page2_tap.mp3, page3_tap.mp3, page4_tap.mp3, etc)
  • Add an extra layer to your pages with PNG files (eg. popup speech bubbles)
  • Button to link to website or another app from the in-app menu (eg, link to paid app from your free 'lite' app).
  • Choice of page transition styles (flip, fold, slide).
  • Right-to-left option for Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese books
  • Include extra activity pages such as coloring pages, activity sheets, or mazes. (name them activity1.jpg, activity2.jpg, activity3.jpg, etc). Users can doodle and color the pages, then save, share via email, or print wirelessly via AirPrint.

Added in v1.5:

  • Added option for background music. Added support for 4" Retina display (iPhone 5 and new iPod touch).

Added in v1.6:

  • iOS 7 compatible
  • Faster drawing code for Activity Pages
  • Increased selection for colors for Activity Pages (was 5 colors, now 18 colors)
  • Users can now share their creations directly from your app to Facebook or Twitter
  • New, flatter UI to suit the style of iOS 7 better
  • 64-bit compatible for iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini (2nd gen)

Added in v1.6.1:

  • Optional Parental Gate. To comply with Apple's new policy for apps designed for children under 13, a parental gate can be enabled so that permission is need to access social sharing functions or external website links.

Please note: Xcode 5 with the iOS 7 SDK are required, you can download Xcode free from the Mac App Store. This project will not work with older versions of Xcode.


Usage Instructions

Step-by-step guide can be found here.

Need help? Contact me here.



"Not only has Chris developed an extremely helpful template for publishers but his help and support have been invaluable. The Story Book project has been easy to learn and allowed me to get my book published." Tayllor Johnson

"THANK YOU! Can't believe it. This is exactly the solution we needed, as learning to program was killing us" Jeremy Burtenshaw

"Chris's responsiveness and customer service is so rare these days. I’m amazed every time I contact him! SO much appreciated." Josh Coen

"Just wanted to say thanks, its a great project. I'd been quoted £550 for someone to build the app for me. Now for less than that I've bought a Mac, joined Apple's developer program, bought your code and submitted the app. I can obviously carry on making more apps now too." Gary Solomon


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  • I am not a programmer, so Story Book gives me the opportunity to see my app i development without having to hire someone to do the coding. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and the programmer, Chris Mayer has been very helpful and prompt in answering my questions.
    JG Joan Galanti
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • I love this component. The quality for what is this components is expected to do is great and the instructions are very clear. Nice job
    AD Abdullah Daoud
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • This is AWESOME! I made apps for my kids for Christmas, and am currently the coolest mom ever. Thank you!
    SC suzanne coolbaugh-walker
    1 year ago, 0 comments
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  • RE robert J. Escandon License holderiPhone-only Version (Single App License) 1 week ago
    Hey Chris, thanks for this, awesome. quick question, is the 1024 x 768 the size for images on an iPhone 5?
    • Chris Mayer Developer 1 week ago
      1024x768 is an ideal size as it will work well on all devices. It'll be displayed in full on iPad, and cropped slightly on iPhone. It's possible to use an additional set of images at 2048x1536 to support full iPad retina resolution. If you want to include those images add them alongside the 1024x768 images and name them with '@2x' after the filename (e.g. page1@2x.jpg, page2@2x.jpg, page3@2x.jpg, etc)
    • RE robert J. Escandon License holderiPhone-only Version (Single App License) 1 week ago
      Chris thank you for the quick response :D When you say slightly cropped… will crop out the image, or will it just fit on the screen with empty space? thanks in advance RJE
    • Chris Mayer Developer 7 days ago
      It'll look different on iPad, iPhone 3.5" and iPhone 4". On all iPad models the full image will be displayed. On iPhone models with a 3.5" screen the very top and bottom of the image will be cropped. On iPhone models with a 4" display the image will be cropped at the top and bottom, and there will be a border of the left and right of the screen. I plan to add the option in the next update of the project to include different images for iPhone/iPad so that cropping will not be required.
  • JC Jacob G Christensen License holderUniversal Version (Single App License) 3 months ago
    Hi Chris Does your framework supports in app purchase functionality? Best regards - Jacob
    • Chris Mayer Developer 3 months ago
      Hi Jacob, In-App Purchasing is not included as a standard feature, but it'd be possible to integrate using Apple's StoreKit framework. Apple have their own documents and guides on how to do this on the iOS Developer website. Alternatively, you may find more helpful tutorials on YouTube. Chris
  • AA Andy Al 4 months ago
    Hi Chris, I'm interested with the control. I see that you mentioned that it's support unlimited page but I'm just wondering, is there any performance impact (to the app) if I add a lot of pages? in my case let say I want to add about 150 pages. Thanks
    • Chris Mayer Developer 4 months ago
      There's no performance impact from having more pages. Only the current page is loaded into memory while it is being viewed (or two pages during page transitions), after the reader leaves a page it is unloaded from memory.