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This is an embeddable, interactive, customizable Crawl view made to mimic the theatrical crawls. It supports all iOS devices and all orientations.


Showcase information to your users in an iconic style

Whether it's the credits to your latest app, or just an easter egg, this is a great way to hook your users attention instantly. The crawl has been in film, television, and video games for nearly 40 years.

Easy to use, easy to customize

You can set fonts, text, colors, and more with this. Simply create a SWCrawl object with all your desired customizations, or set properties individually on the fly. The view will update sizing, styling and text automatically as each property is set

Including in an Existing Project

The source code package contains a bar bones example project to get you started. Including SWCrawlView in an existing project is as easy as draggint the "SWCrawlView" folder into your existing project. This folder contains all assets and class files you will need. You will most likely not need to use any classes except for "SWCrawlView.h" and "SWCrawl.h".

Code Examples

You will typically create a SWCrawlView in a Xib or Storyboard inside the View Controller you wish to display it in, pinning all edges of the View object to it's superview. You can then hook it up to an IBOutlet and set all of your properties in viewDidLoad.

You can then set your text like this:
[self.crawlView setLogoText:@"Some Logo Text"];
[self.crawlView setEpisodeNumberText:@"Some Episode"];
[self.crawlView setEpisodeTitleText:@"Some Title Text"];
[self.crawlView setBodyText:@"Some Crawl Text"];
Font/Color Properties can be set like this:
[self.crawlView setLogoFont:<SomeUIFont>]
[self.crawlView setLogoStrokeColor:<SomeUIColor>];
etc. etc. etc.

The sky is the limit, enjoy!


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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