Tapitoo - Restaurant Ordering System

Tapitoo - Restaurant Ordering System

Released 4 years ago , Last update 1 year ago

Tapitoo is a digital delivery tool for restaurants. We built this to exploit it ourselves, but realized that the market is big enough to also start selling the source code. Foodpanda, eat24, grubhub charge close to 30% of the order value, so it makes sense to sell restaurants their own ordering platform! Food ordering was worth 9bn USD in the US alone in 2015, up x13 from 2014. This is a huge, under-tapped market and this is your chance to make some recurrent revenue.

Questions & Comments

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  • HS Harsh Shah 7 months ago
    admin backend is not working.
  • F Fasil 1 year ago
    How can I setup this in a Hotel internally. Offline.
  • S Satya 1 year ago
    Hey all, I heard about one sotware called 720degreePOS which is quite suitable for individual restaurants and for restaurant chains too. They are providing local + cloud storage + vendor management through mobile app with integration of stock management + infinite reportings + revenue generation + recipe based stock availability and which offer you the cloud based analytics services as per clients requirement.
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 1 year ago
      hi Satya, it will soon be featured at 99 USD, full license. Stay tuned :)
  • R Rohit 1 year ago
    Hey, Interested in this product. Would like to know more about pricing and licensing. Kindly revert ASAP
  • P Pulkit 1 year ago
    Hello, Is it possible to change the currency? And what payment gateway is integrated right now? Thanks
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 1 year ago
      Hello, Yes, it is simply a matter of changing the UI. We use a micro-service architecture, so changes are quite trivial. Most payment gateway integrations mean doing 3 https calls. What payment method are you interested in? We can set you up with anything, as a service, provided the documentation is clear enough and you have all the needed credentials for the account.
    • P Pulkit 1 year ago
      Thanks for getting back to me. We need to change the currency to Rupees and add 1 kind of additional tax during checkout. Also we were looking to integrate Paytm gateway in addition to cash on delivery. http://paywithpaytm.com/developer/ Here is the link to that.
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 1 year ago
      we can offer our consulting services. i think it would be around 10 hours of work to do this, tops, and we charge 30 usd per hour. thanks!
    • P Pulkit 1 year ago
      Ok. Can you explain me which gateway is integrated by default? And is it possible to collect tax in the existing software?
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 1 year ago
      We do not offer the software with any integrated payment gateway. You can not add tax right now, it would have to be done custom.
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 1 year ago
      i just realized that you can add a base-tax for every delivery, that applies to any order. It is called a delivery fee. You can also setup a minimum delivery amount. I do not understand what you mean by collecting tax.
  • FM Federico Montolio 3 years ago
    Hi theres a change to add a DriverApp for delivery and how much it will cost.
    • RP Ram Prasad 3 years ago
      It will cost you another 3000$
  • DK Duncan K 4 years ago
    So if i am interested in a single application license can I still configure it as a portal for multiple restaurants? And does that mean customers have a single mobile application that they can choose different restaurant orders? Can customization be included to allow revenue to be generated back for each order placed?
    • Mihai Raulea Publisher 3 years ago
      Hello Duncan, Yes! You would not be able to deploy custom applications for restaurants, though. Yes, customers have a single mobile application. We are available for customization services. Open a services quote, and we can discuss it there. Thank you for your interest!
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