Texas Hold'em Poker for iOS & Android

Texas Hold'em Poker for iOS & Android

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A cross-platform, multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker game with in-app purchases, chats, social integration and more.

Questions & Comments

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  • J John 2 weeks ago
    Hi! Would you happen to know of any existing app in the app stores that are using your code? We’d like to try them out first before we make a commitment to buy a license. Thanks!
    • Martina Publisher 1 week ago
      Hi John, I am afraid we don't know the names of apps using our source code. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with...
  • A Armen 3 months ago
    Please contact me I am interested in your product.
    • Martina Publisher 3 months ago
      Hi Armen, Feel free to ask if you have any questions, I am at your disposal for further.
    • A Armen 3 months ago
      Please contact me on skype: akardashi
  • F Fabien 4 months ago
    Hello, Is it possible to play cash games and tournaments and sit n go in your application and can we link paypal to the app in purchase Make you promotions with code for black friday and the end of the year because I will be interested by your application Thank you Fab
    • Martina Publisher 4 months ago
      Hi Fabien, Yes, it can easily be made into a real cash game and use the existing tournaments since you have the foundations in the code. You just need to satisfy the regulations of payment gateways and redirect from the apps to host website or user accounts have been previously funded. And I will check if Binpress has an option for Black Friday discounts, we will definitely take it in consideration. Let me know in case of any other questions, Best regards!
  • S shiro iwasaki License holderApplication License
    1 month support
    Purchased on Aug 30, 2017
    8 months ago
    I need to your contact with skype
  • GG Gagan Gupta 1 year ago
    How does Gift and Prizes section work? Also, how can I download the game for review?
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Gagan, The table gifts are used to send cool, funny items or drinks, food and etc. to players at the table and yourself like a social feature. The portfolio gifts are more expensive things like cars, mansions, jewellery , islands, etc. and you can show off with them like making a statement that you have most chips and are among top players.. They can all be purchased with chips or gold coins. The Prizes section is awards for level progress.. The game isn't live on stores currently but you get a complete Manual with your purchase that is a guide to all the features and source code with detail description. Poker Velvet is very similar to Pokerist or Zynga so you can check those for reference. In case of any other questions, feel free to contact me.
  • M MARLYSON 1 year ago
    tenho umas duvidas! posso fazer jogo valendo dinheiro real?
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Oi, eu espero que eu reconheceu a linguagem certa. Sim, este código é para smartphones iOS e Android. E no caso de você deseja torná-lo dinheiro real, então você só configurar o gateway de pagamento em conformidade. Esse é um recurso que você inclui em um código existente.
    • M MARLYSON 1 year ago
      Por Acaso rápido Você tem Algum Software para Computadores de poker? Quem inclui AINDA OS aplicativos parágrafo smartphone? SKYPE: marlyson nobre
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Não, desculpe, mas temos apenas para smartphones, embora você deve verificar com um desenvolvedor qualificado se ele pode adaptar este código para PC
  • M MARLYSON 1 year ago
  • A Andrew License holderApplication License
    1 month support
    Purchased on Nov 24, 2016
    1 year ago
    Hi, I am interested in this cool app. I would like to modify a bit after I purchase. Please let me know how to discuss with you in detail. THanks. Andrew
    • GR Guest Rodney 8 months ago
      Hello Andrew , how are you? As a licensed user , how do you rate the App so far? Thank you for your feedback
  • PZ piero Zarbo 1 year ago
    hello, great work, its possible add poker variants like omaha?
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Piero, Thank you for the compliment. Yes, of course you can add any poker variants or other casino games. You already have the Lobby screen that can be upgraded with additional games and currently the Texas Hold'em code also contains Sit'n'go tournament and a preparation for Shootout. You can upgrade and extend the existing code in any direction you prefer. Let me know in case you have any other questions.
    • PZ piero Zarbo 1 year ago
      Ok , but i not programmer, you can create my personalized work? You can customize but i can paying for this exstra work.
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Ok, I am a game designer and the owner of the source code. In case of purchase I can introduce and connect you with the developer that can customize and upgrade this code with new features.
    • PZ piero Zarbo 1 year ago
      ok, you can get in touch with the developer? I want to talk to him before making the purchase, thank you.
    • Martina Publisher 1 year ago
      Yes, we can definitely arrange that, please just contact me on Skype then so we can form a chat. My id is: martinna0001
    • PZ piero Zarbo 1 year ago
      ok, i add you in skype
  • K kaw 2 years ago
    hello martina , i tried to contact the marketplace for your email but i did not receive any answer from them , i am in a hurry and i need to discuss some technical things with you so maybe you can send me an email , try this funny line , i am a "GUEST" in the business since "2001" and i really like to use outlook , luckily this mail server has only the com . NB : add what is in between the brackets and hit me with an email.
    • Martina Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi Kaw, Please contact me on Skype: martinna0001 for any techical questions.Thank you for the patience.
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