tinyIP - make each login unique

tinyIP - make each login unique

Released 3 years ago , Last update 1 year ago

Stops users from logging in from multiple IPs at the same time (i.e. to stop users from 'sharing' login information).

Public Support Tickets

Created by Riaan Coertzen 1 year ago
Issue 5 1 year ago by
Riaan Coertzen
Open Doesn't eork blank page!
Created by Jacopo Pietrinferni 1 year ago
Issue 0 No comments yet.
Open add login log in next version please
Created by Behrooz 2 years ago
Issue 3 1 year ago by
Open Having problems installing the download to my website
Created by mark william sanden 1 year ago
Issue 1 1 year ago by
Arūnas Liuiza
Closed Plugin doesn't work and bugs my site
Created by Karla Moura 2 years ago
Issue 6 2 years ago by
Arūnas Liuiza
Fixed Admin Email Notification
Created by Mona lill 2 years ago
Issue 1 2 years ago by
Arūnas Liuiza
Feature Request login log
Created by Kristen Mertens 3 years ago
Feature 0 No comments yet.
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