TinyMCE (3.x) Image Manager And Editor

TinyMCE (3.x) Image Manager And Editor

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

TinyMCE Image Manager, image upload, folders structure, image crop

Questions & Comments

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  • WK Warsa Kumara 4 years ago
    its a very nice plugin for tynimce.
  • J j.ilchenko 4 years ago
    Hallo, we have some problems with this tool. We installed it on our server, but when we try to access the tool, we see the error Direct access to this location is not allowed! All the libraries are empty. Can you help?
  • J j.ilchenko 4 years ago
    Is it possible, that when we upload some fotos, the other one will be deleted?
  • MK muthu kumar 5 years ago
    While inserting the image, the image code is not inserted in the html editor of tinymce. i saw it via the html icon in the tinymce. What's the problem in it. Is there any mistake from my side
  • RR Roger Rabbit 5 years ago
    Looks like it could be a great plugin, only trouble I haven't a clue how to configure the paths? Anyone throw some light on this? Cheers
  • SK Silver Kallas 6 years ago
    As easy as pie :) Thank you very much, you saved my energy and wallet also! Best regards from Estonia, Silver
  • PF Petar Fetrov 6 years ago
    OK, you probably made a good plugin. But with such a bad documentation for non profis, what should i say? Well done? I am struggling hours to make a "10 minutes" plugin work. And still cannot. Why screwing a nice work with a bad docu?
    • ME Mohamed Eltayeb 3 years ago
      Totally agree with you it is very good plugin but it is need to be documented
  • AZ alex zamora 6 years ago
    good day I need help with config.php not how to set routes, someone could help me?
  • JB janice Brad 6 years ago
    Hi, Is this compatible with IE7 and 8...and are there any known browser inconsistencies? What's the difference between this image uploader and the paid one? Thanks J
    • Darius Matulionis Publisher 6 years ago
      Yes it is compatible, but instead of HTML5 uploader it is using uploadify plugin. All the differences are visible in description :)
    • JB janice Brad 6 years ago
      Thanks. Is there any chance i could have access to compare both uploaders?
    • Darius Matulionis Publisher 6 years ago
      Use Firefox to try HTML5. It is auto detect :)
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