TinyMCE(3.x) YouTube (iFrame, Embed)  plugin

TinyMCE(3.x) YouTube (iFrame, Embed) plugin

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

Embed Youtube movies easily from TinyMCE editor instances.

Questions & Comments

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  • DJ Derik Johnson 2 years ago
    If anyone is still having problems with getting a $ is not defined javascript error, open up the included index.html file and change the jquery url from http to https (if you're on an https site). Fixed it for me.
  • KP Kamlesh Pant 4 years ago
    this plugin is not working for me. it gives me blank instead of textarea
  • N Numberonename 5 years ago
    To make it work without deleting all other formatting add |* to the end of iframe attributes like so: valid_elements:"iframe[src|title|width|height|allowfullscreen|frameborder|class|id|*], object[classid|width|height|codebase|*],param[name|value|_value|*], embed[type|width|height|src|*]"
  • AG Any Gaga 5 years ago
    Is there a way to delete inserted video?
    • P Paula 5 years ago
      Please, I need this answer too!
  • V Valentin 5 years ago
    Doesn't work. All formating is lost once valid_elements in inserted. I am using TinyMCE 4.03b
  • K kortefa 5 years ago
    If i paste this: "valid_elements:"iframe[src|title|width|height|allowfullscreen|frameborder|class|id],object[classid|width|height|codebase|*],param[name|value|_value|*],embed[type|width|height|src|*]" all text formatting lost. Without this code, iframe not working.
  • YF Yitna Firdyiwek 5 years ago
    Excellent! Worked perfectly, even on my aging TinMCE3.2! Kudos to the coder(s).
  • L leosol 5 years ago
    where do we insert that code?
  • RA ryan aguilar 5 years ago
  • RS Ronald Steen 5 years ago
    Nice! Works like a charm :)
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