Tongue Twisters! iOS 7 Storyboard Universal iPhone iPad

Tongue Twisters! iOS 7 Storyboard Universal iPhone iPad

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

The source of a tongue-twister application that appear randomly or in a UITableView, with the ability to share them on Facebook and Twitter. It is a universal app designed for both the iPhone and the iPad.

“Tongue Twisters!” app is developed using Xcode 5 and it is compatible with the new Apple iOS7. It is a “Universal” app because its Storyboard is clearly designed both for iPhone and iPad.

You can find it on AppStore.


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No-Support License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support


This package is provided with PDF tutorial (English).

Excerpt from the first page:

“Twisters” is a “Tabbed Application” app that collects 100 English tongue-twisters and it’s divided in two sections: 1. FirstView Controller (random reproduction) 2. SecondViewController (complete list inside a TableView)

FirstViewController: it’s the view which shows a tongue-twister at once selected randomly from DBSQLite. The random generation occurs in two different ways: - Tap on the app background (which contains an UIButton linked to an Action) - Device shake (identification of the movement)

Both actions cause a random number draw, the query on DB SQLite SELECT of text for generated id, the UILabel update in the view and the reproduction of an Audio file (.wave) that, in case of close actions, doesn’t execute the sound simultaneously overlapping it, but from the start. At last, you can share the text, a URL and an image with Facebook and Twitter social network using iOS native methods.

Example usage

When you "Touch Up Inside" a background of app, the code call:

// Generates twisters
- (IBAction)generatesTongueTwisters:(id)sender{
    [self playSound];
    [self TongueTwisterFromID:[self genRandomNumber]];

With "PlaySound" we make a sound, and with TongueTwistersFromID select a random Twisters from sqlite embedded on app.


  • The use of Storyboards (iPhone and iPad)
  • Tab Bar Controller with the Storyboards and the related navigation (“Segue”) on the View Controller
  • Creation and visualisation iAd adverting banner
  • Access to DB SQLite embedded in the app containing the tongue-twisters
  • Management of “shake” recognition for iPhone and iPad
  • Sharing on Facebook (text, image, url) through the new SLCompose-viewController approach
  • Check of the Social accounts set on the device
  • Creation and customization UITableView, using “Prototype Cell” on the Storyboard
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  • S Susan 3 years ago
    Hi Giorgio, I am looking for a tongue twister app very similar to this BUT with addition of a record function and variable speed. What I would like the user to be able to do is choose a twister - hear it at a slow, normal or fast speaking rate, record themselves, play it back and then compare their rendition with the original. Would this be possible using what you have done here as a starting point? I know very little about developing apps or programming. For me to understand your answer it will have be in non-tech, non-jargon language! Many thanks, Susan
  • D David 3 years ago
    Quick question; Im looking for something like this, but need to make it so I can display random names instead of tongue twister phrases. Do I enter the phrases myself? Are they located on a sqlite database? Can I randomly display phrases? Thanks
    • Giorgio Minissale Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi David, nice to meet you. This app read data from sqlite DB, you can write your names on Excel like file and export as CSV and import into DB sqlite. Is a fairly simple procedure, if you want I could also help in this step. Giorgio
    • D David 3 years ago
      Your awesome. I work for a school district, and what Im wanting to do is have the teacher be able to enter the list of her students. During the day, the teacher can randomly select a student by clicking a button and call that student for an answer. Ive been able to build an app that has the database in table view so the teacher can enter the names, but Im not sure how to bind the names to a view that will randomly select the kids. A bit confused. Your app looks like it will take me a little further. I will download your app from the store and give it a try. Your app looks really close to what I want.