Transforming Scoreboard for iOS

Transforming Scoreboard for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Unique transforming scoreboard, countdown and clock for usage in your iOS apps.

MFL Transforming Scoreboard

This is a highly complex animation library for showing numbers changing, be it a countdown, a clock, or a scoreboard.

After creating digits or a scoreboard, you can increment, decrement or set it directly to a number, both animated and not.

Much more is planned in the future, but for now check out a video attached for an example of all the possible digit animations.


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Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support


Initialize Types

The previous two initializers have been coalesced into one:

 - (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame initialDigit:(NSInteger)initialDigit foldingStyle:(MFLFoldingStyle)foldingStyle;

Use the following initializer if you wish to copy a digit you already have:

 - (id)initWithFoldingDigit:(MFLTransformingDigit *)digit; 

Editable Properties

The following properties are available to customize the style and animation of the digits.

Style Properties

 @property (nonatomic) CGColorRef strokeColor;
 @property (nonatomic) CGFloat lineThickness;
 @property CGFloat transformDuration;

Animation Values

 @property NSString *calculationMode;
 @property id timingFunction;
 @property MFLAnimationStyle animationStyle;

Extra Animations

 @property MFLRotateAnimationStyle rotate3DStyle;
 @property MFLScaleAnimationStyle scaleStyle;
 @property BOOL shouldRotateIn2D;
 @property BOOL shouldAnimationNewSuperview;

Available Functions

 - (void)animateToDigit:(NSInteger)digit;
 - (void)animateToDigit:(NSInteger)digit completion:(void (^)(BOOL))completion;

 - (void)decrement;
 - (void)decrementWithCompletion:(void (^)(BOOL))completion;

 - (void)increment;
 - (void)incrementWithCompletion:(void (^)(BOOL))completion;


The Scoreboard is a new addition built by stringing together a dynamic amount of MFLTransformingDigits.

You can use it in IB, or just plain initWithFrame, but if you want a bit more control over the style, you can use these:

 - (id)initWithBaseDigit:(MFLTransformingDigit *)digit forFrame:(CGRect)frame;

 - (id)initWithBaseDigit:(MFLTransformingDigit *)digit andValue:(NSInteger)value forFrame:(CGRect)frame;

The idea is to create an MFLTransformingDigit with the style you want to use, and then initialize your scoreboard with it. Resetting this digit later will update the look of your Scoreboard.

After that, you have three basic methods:

 - (void)setToValue:(NSInteger)value;

 - (void)decrementByValue:(NSInteger)value;

 - (void)incrementByValue:(NSInteger)value;

The methods come in flavors with completion blocks and durations for finer grained control. If at any time you want to stop the animation call:

 - (void)stopAnimation;

Setup / installation

Installation is a cinch. Simply drag the MFLTransformingDigits folder into your project and you're ready to go!

Example usage

The download for the source code includes with it an example project which shows how to create all of the different possible animations as well as a very thorough iPad based example on how to use the Scoreboard.

There is also a full set of Apple Documentation included which will be viewable directly inside Xcode's various documentation viewers.

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