UIWebView & VideoPlayer Native Extension for iOS AIR mobile

UIWebView & VideoPlayer Native Extension for iOS AIR mobile

Released 5 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

An iOS native extension for Adobe AIR that provides a native video player and customizable web view. No more hacking StageWebView with unsatisfying results.

Adobe AIR comes with a simple StageWebView class in its framework, allowing you to embed HTML in your mobile app. However, it has limited support for manipulating HTML in the app with AS3.

StageWebView limitations that UIWebView solves:

  • StageWebView cannot capture a bitmap of the full page contents.
  • StageWebView does not allow you to communicate with the embedded HTML using Javascript.
  • Javascript in StageWebView cannot call any AS3 functions, meaning there’s no communication between AS3 and JS in StageWebView
  • You cannot manipulate the DOM in the HTML loaded in StageWebView
  • You cannot auto play or control a video in HTML5 through StageWebView.
  • StageWebView cannot be transparent.
  • StageWebView can't be visually customized - hide scrollbars, shadow, background color, etc.

A lot of hacking is required with StageWebView to get any kind of results, and it's still very limited in its capabilities overall - making your life very hard if you have any of the above listed requirements in your app.

With UIWebView native extension, all you need to do is link the ANE file in Flash builder/Flash Pro CS6 and start developing.

You can call JS function from as3 or vice-versa, modify the DOM elements once the HTML is loaded, and even catch the URI scheme in the page so you can do actions such as mailto, skype, FTP and more. You are also able to create multiple instances of UIWebView and add it on stage without any glitches.

The package also includes a VideoPlayer class that you can embed and load videos that plays in the native iOS video player, allowing you to run the video full screen, auto play it, show/hide video UI controls, communicate with the player and get video events from the video player itself.

This ANE currently supports iOS 5.0 to iOS 6.0x. Example projects on UIWebView and VideoPlayer classes are included to get you started. API documentation for the native extension is available at http://darkredz.com/ane/UIWebView/apidoc/ You will receive free updates on the ANE for a year.

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  • FP Francois Perreault 3 years ago
    Version 1.5.1 released on March 16, 2015 supports the 64bits ?
  • D David 3 years ago
    Is there iOS 8 support (and 64bit)?
  • L Lennart 3 years ago
    Is there a trial version?