UIWebView & VideoPlayer Native Extension for iOS AIR mobile

UIWebView & VideoPlayer Native Extension for iOS AIR mobile

Released 5 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

An iOS native extension for Adobe AIR that provides a native video player and customizable web view. No more hacking StageWebView with unsatisfying results.

Questions & Comments

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  • FP Francois Perreault 3 years ago
    Version 1.5.1 released on March 16, 2015 supports the 64bits ?
  • D David 3 years ago
    Is there iOS 8 support (and 64bit)?
  • L Lennart 3 years ago
    Is there a trial version?
  • UR Ungureanu Robert 3 years ago
    Hello, We have an AIR application for IOS and use here the UiWebView ane for playing videos. For the moment we use the free ANE and we want to buy it. But i have read here you don't have support for 64 bit. From 1st of february we can't submit apps on Apple if don't have also 64 bit support. Do you have support for 64-bit or?
  • A Andrea 5 years ago
    Hi, i'm a software developer, i'm using Adobe AIR to develop an iOS/Android app that connect to DVR server and show H.264 video frame to devices. Into Android i use NetStream.appendBytes method to write to Video frame buffer H.264 frame into FLV container but into iOS this function is deprecated and i don't known that can i do. I'm interesting to your .ANE component called UIWebView and i ask you if i have a function that write to frame buffer to display H.264 frames. Thanks
    • L Lewis 4 years ago
      Been trying for a while to develop this with AVAssetWriter for iOS... If you're still interested I'll let you know the outcome
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