UltraCam: Instagram Clone for the iPhone

UltraCam: Instagram Clone for the iPhone

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

UltraCam is a clone of Instagram app. It allows the user to take pictures, apply filters to the pictures and then share the pictures on Twitter as an attachment.

Ultra Cam is an iPhone app very similar to the Instagram that allows user to take pictures and apply different effects on the filters. Ultra Cam uses Core Image libraries provided by iOS 5 SDK to create and apply image filters. Ultra Cam also has the functionality to share the edited images using Twitter. Twitter integration has been performed by using iOS 5 Twitter SDK. The project shows how to implement the following:

  • Taking pictures using UIImagePickerController
  • Applying filters on the pictures using iOS 5 Core Image
  • Tweet the filtered image using iOS 5 Twitter SDK
  • Create image filter previews like the ones presented in Instagram app
  • Highlight the selected filter
  • Save the edited image in the photo library
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Opening the Project

The main project can be opened by version 4.2 and above of xCode. The UltraCam.xcodeproj is the project file. After installing xCode click on the UltraCam.xcodeproj file and it will automatically open in Xcode. The project will NOT run in the simulator since it uses the iPhone camera. You MUST run the project in an actual device.


The application is divided into multiple folders. The name and purpose of each folder is explained below:

Extensions: This folder contains all the extensions used in the application. For UltraCam project we have only used UIImage+Extensions which is discussed below.

  • UIImage+Extensions.h and UIImage+Extensions.m:

The UIImage+Extensions files are responsible for scaling, cropping and rotating the images.

Model Folder: This folder contains the classes which service as the model for the application.

Filter.h and Filter.m:

These classes are a simple wrapper on CIFilter object. Filter class also expose a property called name which is used to designate a friendly name to the image filter.

Controllers: This folder contains the controllers used in the project.

ViewController.h and ViewController.m

This is the only controller used in the application and it contains code to take the picture, display the filters, apply the filters and finally tweet the image.

Supporting Files:

This folder contains the resources used in the application. These resources include images, icon files etc.

Setting up your Twitter Account:

In order to tweet the images you MUST setup the Twitter account in the settings section of your iPhone.

Code Explanation

In this section I would like to highlight some of the main methods in the project.

setupAppearance in ViewController.m:

This method is responsible for setting up the preview filters scroll view control.

loadFiltersForImage in ViewController.m:

This method is responsible for creating different filters for the application. Once, the filters are created they are then added to the filters collection. You can get a list of all the available filters using the following code:

[CIFilter filterNamesInCategory:kCICategoryBuiltIn];

createPreviewForFilters in ViewController.m:

This method takes the filters collection and then apply the filters to the image and then add to the filter scroll view control to display the filters to the user.

applyGesturesToFilterPreviewImageView in ViewController.m:

This method is used to attach the single tap gesture recognizer to the UIView object displayed as a filter view.

applyFilter in ViewController.m:

This method is triggered when the user selects a particular filter. It applies the filter to the image and also highlight the selected filter.

initializeCamera in ViewController.m:

This method initializes the camera and shows the camera view to the user.

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  • D Dub 5 years ago
    Does this currently have the functionality to add "clip art" type elements to a photo, where we can supply the clip art elements in the app (as a silly example, adding cartoon cat ears on a photo of a person)? If not, is that something you'd consider adding? Thanks for any insight/info!
  • S sanna 6 years ago
    Can i able to view demo for this application Azam?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      Unfortunately, there is no demo available for this application.
    • S sanna 6 years ago
      Do you provide additional customization service?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      I am not sure if I understand your question. The UltraCam download includes all the code and everything you need to get started to build your Instacam like application. The code is well documented so you can add additional filters etc.
    • S sanna 6 years ago
      Do i need advance programming knowledge to modify the code or basic where able to modify according to the documents like for filter, logo, additional functions?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      That is hard to say! Apple has a very good documentation on how to create filters of different type. Apple even shows you the effects after you apply the filters.
    • NG Nishan GP 3 years ago
      Hi Azam, We are planning to integrate filters in our application, can you please help us out ?
  • V Victor 6 years ago
    Hi I am using UltraCam 1.0 and it works on iPhone 4 running iOS 6, but the camera does not run and goes to photo album when I use it on a 3GS running 5.1.1. Any ideas what might be going on?