UltraCam: Instagram Clone for the iPhone

UltraCam: Instagram Clone for the iPhone

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

UltraCam is a clone of Instagram app. It allows the user to take pictures, apply filters to the pictures and then share the pictures on Twitter as an attachment.

Questions & Comments

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  • D Dub 5 years ago
    Does this currently have the functionality to add "clip art" type elements to a photo, where we can supply the clip art elements in the app (as a silly example, adding cartoon cat ears on a photo of a person)? If not, is that something you'd consider adding? Thanks for any insight/info!
  • S sanna 6 years ago
    Can i able to view demo for this application Azam?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      Unfortunately, there is no demo available for this application.
    • S sanna 6 years ago
      Do you provide additional customization service?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      I am not sure if I understand your question. The UltraCam download includes all the code and everything you need to get started to build your Instacam like application. The code is well documented so you can add additional filters etc.
    • S sanna 6 years ago
      Do i need advance programming knowledge to modify the code or basic where able to modify according to the documents like for filter, logo, additional functions?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      That is hard to say! Apple has a very good documentation on how to create filters of different type. Apple even shows you the effects after you apply the filters.
    • NG Nishan GP 3 years ago
      Hi Azam, We are planning to integrate filters in our application, can you please help us out ?
  • V Victor 6 years ago
    Hi I am using UltraCam 1.0 and it works on iPhone 4 running iOS 6, but the camera does not run and goes to photo album when I use it on a 3GS running 5.1.1. Any ideas what might be going on?
  • L Luqman License holderApplication License
    Purchased on Aug 26, 2012
    6 years ago
    I see you can share the image on Twitter, but can you share it on FB? If not, will you update? And will the update cost me if I buy it now?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      Hi Luqman, Currently, the UltraCam only post on Twitter. I am waiting for iOS 6 to come out and then I will update the code to include Facebook functionality. I believe if you buy now you will automatically get the code when it is updated.
    • L Luqman 6 years ago
      Hi, how do you make it so you can load images too?
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      If you mean load images from the library then it will be available in the next version.
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 6 years ago
      Facebook sharing is now available. iOS 6 is required. Thanks!
    • JG Juan Gallardo 6 years ago
      iOS 6 already came out. Did you add the functionality already?
    • C charoen 5 years ago
      I run the code then click share by facebook there is nothing happend.....
    • MA Mohammad Azam Publisher 5 years ago
      Are you running on the device or the simulator. Make sure that you have entered the Facebook username and password in the iPhone settings. This applies for both your actual device and also running the app in the simulator.
    • C charoen 5 years ago
      I do but nothing happen.
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