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Universal and smart tag cloud generator. Can generate standard or grouped tag clouds from a link, a file or plaintext/html.


A tag cloud generator that does all the work for you. Just provide your data as plaintext/html, a link or even a path to a file. uTagCloud will automagicaly detect content type and do all the processing for you. It can return raw tag with counts or distribute them proportionally into any number of groups. The result can also be returned as a plain array or stylized string with css spans where the font size is calculated and applied proportionally.


  • Multiple content input types.
  • Automagical content type detection.
  • Standard or distributed tag clouds.
  • Plain array or stylized string result.
  • Ignored results by their length, repeat count, and by blacklisting.
  • Sorting by tag, count, randomly or nothing.


  • PHP >= 5.2 (Linux tested on 5.2.6 and 5.3.5).
  • PHP Curl extension.
  • PHP Tidy extension (optional but recommended).


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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Personal License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use

Usage instructions

Include the uTagCloud file:

require_once dirname(__FILE__) . '/uTagCloud.php';

Initialize uTagCloud:

$u_tag_cloud = new uTagCloud();

Set content and generate stylized tag cloud:

$result = $u_tag_cloud->setContent('plaintext/html, a link or a path goes here')->make(true);


$u_tag_cloud = new uTagCloud($options); 

Multiple options can be set as an array when initializing.

i.e: $options = array('factor' => 5, 'max_count' = 50);


Multiple options can be set as an array after initiliazation.

i.e: $options = array('factor' => 5, 'max_count' = 50);

// OR
$u_tag_cloud->case_sensitive = $flag;

Should case sensitivity be preserved or not. This also applies to ignore list. Default: true.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->charset = $charset;

The charset used for parsing provided content. Default: 'utf8'.

// OR
$u_tag_cloud->content = $content;

The content to be parsed. A plain/html text, a link or a path to file. Last two types will only work if methods are used.

// OR
$u_tag_cloud->distribution = $distribution;

This, instead of tag repeat count will assign a group number to which the tag falls in by a linear distribution. For better understanding, try the demo and check the result array fieldset. If you will set distribution to 3 for example, no tag, no matter the repeat count, will exceed 3. It's usefull when you have limited style count for different weight tags. Default: 0 (no distribution).

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->exaustive_strip = $flag;

Additional content stripping for not visible parts of html. Useful when junk (user does not see it) text is gathered due to hidden or specific attributes. Please be vary, that this is experimental and may not work on every website. Default: false.

// OR
$u_tag_cloud->exclude_numbers = $flag;

Sets whenever to remove numbers from content or not. Default: false.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->factor = $factor;

Font size multiplication factor for its maximum value. Default: 3.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->font_size = $size;

Base font size for a minimum value. Default: 8.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->ignore_list = $ignore;

Words array to ignore when creating tag cloud. Default: none.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->max_count = $count;

Limit returned tags in cloud. Default: 0 (no limit).

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->min_length = $length;

Words to ignore if their length is less than this. Default: 3.

// OR
$u_tag_cloud->min_repeat = $repeat;

Words to ignore if they do not repeat less than this. Default: 1.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->sorting = $sort; 

Sorting of the result set. Default: 'no'.

// OR 
$u_tag_cloud->tidy_disable = $flag;

Do not use Tidy extension even if it's loaded. Default: false.

Note: Use of set*() methods instead of direct assigning is suggested due to additional casting, filtering and parsing. These methods also support chaining.

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