Vault Breaker Puzzle Game Starter Kit

Vault Breaker Puzzle Game Starter Kit

Released 6 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Build your own logic puzzle game in minutes with the complete source code and media asset files of the popular "Vault Breaker" game for the iPhone / iPad.

Get a head start building your own Mastermind-inspired logic puzzle game for iPhone or iPad with this starter kit.

Vault Breaker was previously a top free app in the US in 2009 and has had over 1 million downloads to date.

This starter kit includes the complete up-to-date source code, with clear-to-follow instructions on how to customize and improve it into your own similar game.

The code is 100% compatible with the latest Xcode version, and tested on iOS 5.0 and more recent. It is easy to understand even for novice developers and makes full use of standard UIKit library, with Game Center integration for word-wide leaderboards and achievements, unobtrusive AdMob advertising and in-app-purchase feature for unlocking extra options and removing the ads. These features can be individually disabled or enabled by simply commenting settings in the AppConfiguration.h file.

Built-in features

  • Addictive, easy to learn yet hard to master puzzle game (Mastermind with numbers)
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Two alternate UI themes, user-switchable from the Preferences popup
  • iPad & iPhone universal binary
  • Extended game modes (limited history, no history)
  • Built-in integration of unobtrusive AdMob banners
  • Built-in integration of Game Center leaderboards
  • Built-in integration of Game Center achievements for extra fun
  • Built-in "latest news" button that downloads a remove web page and stores it locally for offline access
  • Button for opening up the game's Facebook page
  • Optional in-app-purchase to remove ads and unlock the extended premium modes
  • Built-in "ask for rating" popup to incentivize user iTunes ratings
  • 1-file configuration for all user settings; you can remove ads, game center, IAP and more.

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To sum up, with this starter kit you can:

  • learn from its code
  • create similar games ; you'll just need to change the name and logo image
  • reuse parts of it in your own projects


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Single Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Developer License with Support

  • Perpetual license

  • Unlimited projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

Configuration file fragment

 Toggle & configure extra features: IAP, AdMob, GameCenter

 To enable, make sure the #define is uncommented while the #undef is commented

// 1. in-app purchases(to remove ads and enable extra features):

//#define HAS_IAP
#undef HAS_IAP
#define kPurchaseKey @"net.alexbrie.VaultBreakerFree.NoAds"
// the purchase key is your in-app-purchase unique bundle id, as defined in iTunesConnect

// 2. AdMob advertising:

//#define HAS_ADS
#undef HAS_ADS
// the publisher ID (only used if HAS_ADS is active)
#define kAdmobPublishedId @"a149856ea7b4ab2"
// display fresh ads once per minute
// duration of intermitent hiding/display of the ad

// GameCenter leaderboards:
#define kEasyLeaderboardID @"VaultBreakerEasy"
#define kLimitedLeaderboardID @"VaultBreakerPro"

// GameCenter achievements (only if leaderboards are active)
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