Video Player SDK for iOS and tvOS

Video Player SDK for iOS and tvOS

Released 3 years ago , Last update 2 months ago

A multifunction video player that supports most audio and video formats via SMB / CIF, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Cloud Services, with support for popular streaming protocols.


  • We use this product to playback smb video files. It works excellently. The UI and UX of the player is commendable. We are excited to leverage its potential in our app in the future. Ultimate thing would be to come up with the same player on android. We look forward for it.
    DN David Nielsen
    3 years ago,
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  • Robust SDK, stable, very useful. Very recommended. Maybe I would like a better documentation about how integrate airplay, chromecast and other secondary classes.
    FT Fernando Torcelly
    11 months ago,
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  • High performance video SDK, seeking and video playback in general is extremely smooth. Documentation isn't very clear here and there but still the best video player SDK on the market.
    PG Peter Groetzinger
    2 years ago,
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  • Library is easy to use. Plays great all the formats. So far it seem to be fairly stable (no crashes yet).
    The best of all is the support. Developers at Macsoftex react instantly on all my requests (usually within a few minutes!). They even added support for AppleTV within a few days after I've ask for this option!!!
    Highly recommended.
    JV Josef Vosyka
    2 years ago,
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  • This is very useful and perfect sdk.
    The service is also very nice.
    A Appleaf
    2 years ago,
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