Video Poker Starter Kit for iPhone & iPad

Video Poker Starter Kit for iPhone & iPad

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Create a video poker game for iPhone & iPad with this starterkit. Includes in-app purchases, ads integration, Game Center & more.

A starterkit for making video poker games for iOS devices

The Video Poker Starter Kit includes the fully functional source code of a published video poker iPhone & iPad game, packed with graphical resources, in-app purchases and advertising.

Comes with Jacks or Better video poker, the most popular video poker variant in the world. Designed in a modular fashion, easy to reskin and extend to create other video poker variants: Bonus Poker, All American, Double Bonus and more – get 1 starter kit, create tens of different video poker games.


  • In-app purchases for buying extra coins in multiple packages – like Zynga Poker and other successful casino games.

  • Preintegrated with the best advertising networks around : Revmob and Chartboost so you can make money even from non-paying players.

  • Universal app, Retina graphics, iPhone 5-ready. Portrait mode for iPhone, portrait OR landscape for iPad. Designed for iOS 6.

  • No special libraries or tools necessary, just the standard iOS SDK; written in Objective C using standard iOS libraries such as UIKit and Core Animation.

  • Fully packed with reusable goodies such as: reusable and easy to extend classes for Cards, Decks, Video Poker Game, in-app purchase of coins, custom-made Game Hand evaluator, Game Center highscores, sound play class and much more.

  • Bonus: in addition to the full working source code, you get the full assets library with original graphics that you can customize for this app or even reuse in your projects.

Based on code from Video Poker Casino , featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy", currently on the App Store.

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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Where to start in customizing:

Change the graphics:

  • All the Default.. files (the splash screens)
  • All the icon.. files (the app icons)
  • Resources/ bg_ipad, bg_5
  • Resources/Buttons/ logo.png, logo_small.png

Configure ads(if any) for RevMob and Chartboost ad networks (read below)

Configure InAppPurchases of coin chips(read below)

Set up a GameCenter leaderboard in iTunes Connect and plug its name into method viewDidLoadPrepareGameCenter of file IntroViewController+GameCenter.m

Edit the MoreViewController xib to match whatever you want (link to other of your apps or write down some help instructions); or hide the more... button from IntroViewController (don't forget to also delete the contents of its method viewDidAppear )

Main files and classes:


AppDelegate.m - the entry point - for configuring ads, you'll want to edit the contents of the initAds method

IntroViewController - the first screen, the menu - for configuring Appirater (the popup that asks the user for review), you'll want to edit the prepareAppirater method. You will also want to edit the predefined titles and messages for that popup, in the Appirater.h file) - if you don't want Appirater, you'll need to comment the contents of that method as well as the call to Appirater in AppDelegate:applicationWillEnterForeground

StoreViewController - the buy coins store screen ; handles in-app purchases, updates the user's coins by the proper amount

  • the buy coins buttons are identified by their tags: 1011, 1012, 1013, 1014 ; remember this if you want to have more coin packs and update both xib files and the contents of the buyCoins method.

  • the number of coins in a coin pack is defined in 2 places: the External/MKStoreKit/MKStoreKitConfigs.plist file and iTunesConnect, in the localized name of the in-app-purchase (as in 250 Coins). The values must match.

  • the Product ID of each InAppPurchase must match in iTunesConnect, External/MKStoreKit/MKStoreKitConfigs.plist and External/MKStoreKit/MKStoreKitConfigs.h ; for more information read

PrefsViewController - the preferences/options screen ; you can enable/disable sounds, the autoholding of cards or extra animations

GameController - the game screen and the logic around it (handling buttons taps, displaying/holding the cards, displaying the payout table and updating it depending on the hand won, updating the score, etc)


The Sources/Game subfolder contains the main logic of the game. It includes reusable generic classes such as Card or Deck, as well as VideoPoker specific classes: Game, the Game+Counter class extension and JacksOrBetterGame derived class

Game - the video poker game logic; contains the main logic of the game; main method: deal Game+Counter - class extension for Game with the logic around checking the player's hand and seeing what poker combo he/she has: NONE, ONE_PAIR, TWO_PAIRS, etc.. ; the main method is valueSortedHand

JacksOrBetter - inherits from Game, defines the names of the winning combos, as well as the payouts for them. The payouts table in GameController is displayed automatically based on whatever we've defined here (only for payouts of amount > 0). Method valueSortedHand calls the super method and adds extra logic for identifying if the ONE_PAIR was a JACKS_OR_MORE or not.

PlayerInfo - handles the player - the daily score, the number of coins she has, etc. Loads default score. At each daily startup, offers a bonus of BONUS_DAILY_COINS and, each hour, BONUS_HOURLY_COINS bonus.

Utilities classes and methods:

IntroViewController+GameCenter - logic for interacting with GameCenter : login, send highscore, display leaderboards

ABSmallSoundPlayer - simple utility for playing sounds ; manages a cache of sound clips, to optimize performance

Utilities - common reusable methods for displaying particle effects (such as when you start the game, or when you win a hand) or blinking a view. Also operations for securely writing (to the keychain) of variables (money, coins). Utilities.h has macros for common operations (DLog, read/write from User Defaults), etc.

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