VideoStream SDK for iOS

VideoStream SDK for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

A powerful video streaming Objective-C framework for iOS devices with support for multiple protocols & formats (mms, http, rtsp, rtmp, mjpeg). Built with FFmpeg, OpenGL ES 2.0 & Apple's AudioUnit.


Questions & Comments

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  • RG rivki glick 12 months ago
    hi how can i add VideoStream SDK for iOS in to my project to test it?
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 12 months ago
      Hello Rivki, in VideoStreamSDK folder there is a documentation pdf file and it shows how to integrate. If You encounter a problem, please let me know.
    • RG rivki glick 12 months ago
      hi thank you for your help i have added the VideoStream SDK according to the pdf file that is added to the example project but i get this error: .../VideoStreamSDK/3rd-party/cmdutils.c:33:10: 'compat/va_copy.h' file not found
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 11 months ago
      This error is taken when the user is not adding VideoStreamSDK folder to the root of the project in xcode. Please check it and be sure that VideoStreamSDK folder is added in the root of Xcode project.
    • RG rivki glick 11 months ago
      yes it's in the root of the project
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 11 months ago
      OK, then please remove the sensitive code from your project and send it to the I need to see and let you know the issue.
    • RG rivki glick 11 months ago
      ok thank you
    • RG rivki glick 11 months ago
      hi i have send you the project from my email a week . ago did you check it?
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 11 months ago
      I am sorry, I missed it. I've just look at it, and fixed the issue and send it to you via email.
    • RG rivki glick 10 months ago
      does the SDK works with CocoaPods in the project ?
  • J jack 1 year ago
    i can help you for the same
  • CA Chris A 1 year ago
    For our application we have h264 video frames in buffers and PCM audio frames in buffers each with PTS. Does your library support playing synchronized video and audio from buffers?
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 1 year ago
      Hello Chris, Currently, this is not supported but If custom context is implemented for ffmpeg, it can be achieved
  • CS Chandra Sekhar 2 years ago
    We want to stream live video from my iOS app (mobile camera) to wowza streaming engine in cloud. So, the live capturing videos will be appear simultaneously on web. Can you please confirm that the SDK support for this request? We like to buy, so please respond ASAP. Thank you!!
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 2 years ago
      Hello Chandra, Unfortunately, VideoStream SDK does not have any broadcasting capability, It can play from wowza but can not send video to wowza Thanks for your interest.
    • J jack 1 year ago
      i can help you for the same ,
  • K Kunal 2 years ago
    I want to upload a video and my friend wants to see it live somewhere else. Either on phone or on web. is this possible ?
  • M mkapps 2 years ago
    It's possible to not show player view controller? I want to only play voice.
  • PR Pierre RAFFA 2 years ago
    Hello all, Does this SDK work for tvOs ? Thanks.
  • JZ John Zofrea 2 years ago
    Hello all, I would like to do the following, Use my iPhone to record video/audio and live stream it to another source, or have the option to save the recording to a file and than broadcast that file. Is this possible with this SDK ? Regards JZ
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 2 years ago
      Hello John, Unfortunately, there is no broadcasting capability, VideoStream SDK is a just a streaming player
    • JZ John Zofrea 2 years ago
      Thank you.. JZ
  • HG Haggai Goldfarb 2 years ago
    Hello Tarum, Does VideoStream SDK supports input from an AV source such as a video camera connected to a WIFI transmitter ? Specifically, the module I have use these wireless protoocls: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.n(1T1RModes) Transmission frequency: 2400MHz - 2483.5MH and modem mode: 802.11b: DSSS(CCK,DQPSK,DBPSK), 802.11g/n: OFDM(BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM) Thank you in advance for your response. h
    • Tarum Nadus Publisher 2 years ago
      Hello Haggai, First, thanks for your interest, I 've no experience on your subject before but If this is possible to stream this with ffmpeg, then it may be possible also with our other framework named iOS VideoKit.
  • RW Ruixin Wang 2 years ago
    What are the user name and secrets for trial license? I want to check if I can customer the player as what I want. If it is, I will buy the license for sure. And to make things more clear, I don't want to use class VSVedioViewController, cause it is not what I need.
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