VsCompressor allows you to compress and encrypt the viewstate of the asp.net pages in your web application.

  • Language: VB.NET
    Framework: ASP.NET
  • Released: Jun 22, 2011
    Last Update: Jun 21, 2011

The viewstate of a standard page can be 10k to 50k, a complex page can reach to 500k. This field is send to the server and send back to the client each time the client does a postback, reducing the size will increase the global application speed.

With the encryption you can add a new layer of security, because, by default, the data stored on the viewstate can be easily read


Installation and use


You can prepare the component to use in two ways: 1.- Link the attached project "VSCompressor.vbproj" to your web application. 2.- Copy the files "VSCompressor.vb", "VSCompressorException.vb" and "VSCPage.vb" to the app_code folder in your web application.


For enable the component on a page you must change the super class of this page, instead of the default System.Web.UI.Page, the page class must inherit from VSCPage

This is the default code:

Partial Class _Default
  Inherits System.Web.UI.Page

In case you linked the project:

Partial Class _Default
  Inherits VSCompressor.VSCPage

And if you copied the files to app_code folder:

Partial Class _Default
  Inherits VSCPage

Finally, by default the compression and encryption are disable, you must add two keys into the appSettings node on the web.config.file to control the behavior of the component

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