Wave Attack Shooter Game Starter Kit - Universal iOS App

Wave Attack Shooter Game Starter Kit - Universal iOS App

Code and tutorial for building a top-down shooter for the iOS platform where you fight off wave after wave of descending enemies, while picking up ammo and leveling up. Customize the artwork to make it look like a retro fighter plane game, Space Invaders, or a simple kids' game.

  • Language: Objective-C
    Platform(s): iPhone
  • Released: Jan 9, 2012
    Last Update: Jan 25, 2014

This Starter Kit gives you access to video tutorials discussing how to customize every element in the game. After watching the video, you’ll know how to:

  • Add more ammo, with different collision diameters for striking enemies and strength variations
  • Add more enemies. Change appearance and difficulty per level
  • Add more sounds
  • Add background music for different levels
  • Add background art for different levels
  • Change the speed of enemy descent or player fire
  • Change player or enemy animations (for example, you can easily show a different animation based on what ammo your main player is using)
  • Add splatter FX or explosions after an enemy kill (these can be animated)
  • Add a scrolling background for flight style games
  • Fine tune how the player moves based on your touch (for example, you can restrict movement to only the X axis, allow the player to move anywhere on the X or Y, or restrict to only a portion of the X and Y)
  • Increase or decrease the difficulty of the game by simply changing the number of a few variables

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More Details

When published the game runs at 60fps for the iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4, and EVEN the iPhone 3GS.

The Starter Kit includes two templates:

  • Zombie attack
  • Spaceship game

The spaceship version includes code for animated ammo drops, a scrolling background, animated post-kill fx (explosions), various-style enemies, and has more sound FX included. For the most part, the code between the two versions is the same but depending on what style game you want to create and how much of your artwork is animated, you can choose which template is easier to modify.

Both templates are currently set up to publish a Universal iOS app (one that runs on both iPhone and iPad). You can easily change it to be only one or the other device. The templates also have high resolution graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina display.

The game includes a Menu button which currently has the option to start a new game, resume from pausing, or disable/enable audio. This popout menu can also be used to include any thing you want. Links to other apps, and so on.

The video tutorials you'll be given access to discuss getting setup for Publishing in the App Store and Provisioning your App for code-signing. This is an essential step you’ll need to do before submitting your version of the app to the App Store. This is discussed early on in the tutorial video.

A Productivity Boost

This Starter Kit is an amazing jumping off point for your App. The bulk of the code is ready to be used, but it IS a jumping off point. Please do not submit the app for review to Apple in its current state with our graphics. Change the artwork to your own, then try adding some fun sounds, more enemies, and make it your own polished game.


The Video Tutorials

Password protected videos for this starter kit are available at:


The password is available after purchasing (in the included text file)

You can download the video or watch online after entering the password.

Time codes for each part:

Part 01 Intro and Provisioning - 0:00:00

Part 02 About the Images - 16:34

Part 03 MainGame class - 20:57

Part 04 GameData Class - 1:13:59

Part 05 Player Class - 1:18:29

Part 06 Enemy Class - 1:27:58

Part 07 Bullet Class - 1:36:22

Part 08 Options Menu - 1:43:26

Section Summaries:

Part 1 - is great for beginners to app develop. You'll get an overview of how to setup your application to eventually submit it to Apple. Discussed are the bundle ID, provisioning profiles and much more.

Part 2 - This is a universal app, which means different images will be loaded for different devices . Images ending in -hd.png are for Retina Display phones, -ipad.png for the iPad, and no special extension is for non-Retina display phones or iPods. This video discusses customizing your own font files, and batch renaming images

Part 3 - The MainGame class files load the player, enemies, bullets and does most of the fun stuff. Anything that gets reloaded or wiped off screen from game to game or level to level is in here. This is by far the longest video and really details most of the project.

Part 4 - The GameData class is used for storing data used over many levels. Like what the current wave number is.

Part 5 - The Player Class explained. Watch this video for details on changing the player's abilities / animation

Part 6 - The Enemy Class explained. Watch this video for details on changing the enemy's abilities / animation

Part 7 - The Bullet Class explained. Watch this video for details on changing how the bullet moves

Part 8 - The OptionsMenu class. You can pause the game and resume or restart it from the Options menu. This menu could also have links to other apps, your website, or whatever. What the video for details.

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  • JK Jesse Kuhn 3 years ago
    Does a main menu screen come with the code for this or does it just open directly to the in game play?
    • Justin Dike Developer 3 years ago
      You can show the menu immediately, but by default it goes to the first level. Thanks
    • JK Jesse Kuhn 3 years ago
      is there any documentation showing us how to do that? I wasn't able to find it in the code. Thanks.
  • Justin Dike Developer 3 years ago
    Sure. Plus there's very little text anyway, so I probably wouldn't even try to use a font label, just use images for the text. Thanks
  • CH Cheng He 3 years ago
    Can I change the text into Chinese characters?