What word 4 Pics Starterkit for Android

What word 4 Pics Starterkit for Android

Released 5 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

An Android starterkit for building a word guessing puzzle game based on shown images. Add new levels and replace assets with little effort.

What Word 4 Pics is a classic puzzle game where you have to find the word which best represents the four displayed images.

This starter kit provides a working app which can be published with only replacing the assets with ones you own. Click on the demo button to see a published Google Play app which uses the source provided here.


  • Easy to expand with new levels.
  • Every level has the options to remove up to 3 incorrect letter or display one correct letter by spending some coins
  • Option to skip a level
  • Integrated with the Admob and ChartBoost


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

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Project Setup & Customization

The archive contains the sample .apk file and the android project source code. If you use Eclipse, then simply import the project in your workspace and customize the application.

  • Change base package name
  • Add your own pictures in \images folder and complete level data in levels.json.
  • Change facebook, admob , chartboost info in strings.xml
  • Define your inapps on google console
  • Add your own icons
  • Sign your application and upload it to the market

Project structure

Activities and assets

  1. Main Activity - first activity , displays current level number(which can be pressed to choose another available level), PLAY button , More Apps button(you have to define them on ChartBoost site) and a banner on bottom

  2. Scene Activity - the activity where all the action takes place. Displays level data : images, word letters as buttons representing a pool of letters from which to choose the correct word representing level's solution. Depending on device's screen the activity uses a ObjectsResizeManager to ensure a better fitting of buttons inside screen limits. Handles facebook publishing of status containing the riddles, number of word letters and pool letters available. Facebook status message also contains a link to application. The image delivered together with the message must be placed on an external server and the url placed in strings.xml

  3. OptionsActivity - if the user has enough coins he can access helping options : to delete up to three incorrect letters from letter pool, to show a correct letter in a corect position,to show one or two hints, to skip a level

  4. SuccessActivity - displays the corect word and coins received.

  5. InAppActivity - displays ways to earn more coins

  6. HintActivity - displays hints for each level

  7. assets

    • large.json, normal.json, small.json, xlarge.json - preferred dimensions for different screen sizes (used as a starting point since every dimension is then calculated) levels.json - file containing data for all levels - pictures, web locations for each image, word for each level, pool of letter for each level.

    { "name" : "WHAT Word 4 Pics",//name of the app..not mandatory "path" : "images", //location of images in assets "alphabet" : "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ",//alphabet used for generating pool of letters "nolevels" : 6, //total levels number "allownegative" : false,//allow negative coins amount,usually false "showhints" : false, //use hints feature "additionallevelsfrom" : 6,//if you want to offer users to buy additional levels , for now it is not used and should use the total level number. "levels" : [{ "id" : 1, "label" : "1", "specific" : { "pictures" : ["2170470238e9fd755216.jpg", "3535994578d18721e9b9.jpg", "559262870010a1a6b16a.jpg", "4333384344c446f59453.jpg"], "paths" : ["flickr.com/photos/rockinfree/", "flickr.com/photos/ghetzu/", "flickr.com/photos/seatbelt67/", "flickr.com/photos/tambako/"],//the location of images for copyright purposes "word" : "WOLF", //the solution "pool" : "",//if nothing is specified randomly generates a pool of letters from alphabet "hints" : ["hint 1", "hint 2"], //hints "depends" : -1 //shows that it depends on previous level completion } }, { "id" : 2, "label" : "2", "specific" : { "pictures" : ["60321889054cb7f5ebc9.jpg", "59300394747a5af71e59.jpg", "592947372181ec1b1aa0.jpg", "6355318323_4c41d3ef76.jpg"], "paths" : ["flickr.com/photos/59937401@N07/", "flickr.com/photos/59937401@N07/", "flickr.com/photos/59937401@N07/", "flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/"], "word" : "DOLLAR", "pool" : "", "hints" : ["hint 1", "hint 2"], "depends" : -1 } }

    For creating the json you can fill an excel with all required data and use the ExcelParser project to generate the levels.json

  8. Application uses facebookSDK. This bundle contains facebookSDK under the license terms provided by Facebook, but you can also download the latest version from Facebook. Facebook usage can be inhibited from strings.xml useFacebook value
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