WooCommerce URL Cleaner

WooCommerce URL Cleaner

Released 2 years ago , Last update 1 year ago

A WordPress plugin for removing "/product/" and "/product-category/" from WooCommerce store URLs, with redirects for preserving SEO.

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  • GW George Wauchope License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Dec 17, 2016
    1 month ago
    Plugin doesn't work. How do I fix it?
  • ZC Zonnepanelen Centra License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Oct 12, 2016
    3 months ago
    Do not buy this product!! Support sucks even harder than the plugin!!! It is a huge scam!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!
  • AS amit singh 10 months ago
    i want to remove product or shop from url exp-localhost/sitename.com/product/category-name/product-name or localhost/sitename.com/shop/category-name/product-name need like this->localhost/sitename.com/category-name/product-name is it possible to remove shop or product
    • Tim Hagebols Publisher 8 months ago
      Hi Amit, Yes this is possible!
    • A arash 8 months ago
      How can I do this? Please help.
    • Tim Hagebols Publisher 8 months ago
      Install the plugin and activate it. It should work out of the box. If you experience any problems; please open a support ticket for it and explain your problem with as many details as possible.
  • AG Alex Garcia 10 months ago
    Hi, I would like to know if I can use the $39.99 plugin with several sites (my websites). Thanks
    • Tim Hagebols Publisher 8 months ago
      Hi Alex, You get a license for one website. If you have multiple sites you have to buy more.
  • GK geo ky 10 months ago
    is it possible to remove the parent categories from urls also? mydomain.com/shop/dresses/long-dresses to mydomain.com/long-dresses
    • S Sergio 8 months ago
      Hello, I want to know if is posible too. Thanks.
    • GK geo ky 8 months ago
      i use another plugin (perfectseourl) and it is working. i use it here http://cleno.de/
    • AS Aryan Sam 7 months ago
      how to is it possible please help
  • H Hardik 11 months ago
    Hi Tim, This a great plugin for WooCommerce users. I want to purchase plugin but have a pre sale question. I want to remove only "/product/" slug not "/product-category/" slug. Is this plugin able to remove only "/product/" slug from single product page link? Can you show me this kind of demo site with woocommerce? Thanks.
    • EP Eugen PASCA 5 months ago
      Hello Hardik, Did you had this question answered? I am in a similar situation, I want to remove /product-category/ but not /prodcut/.
  • DA David Armstrong 12 months ago
    Hi, is this plugin compatible with Yoast SEO. Also, I've read that removing product-category from the url causes Wordpress to work a lot harder to find the page. Is this true and if so does this plugin do anything to combat this issue? I'm really interested in this plugin and look forward to hearing for you. Regards Dave
    • Tim Hagebols Publisher 8 months ago
      Hi Dave, It took a while for me to reply, sorry for that! Wordpress indeed has to do some effort, but not that much. This plugin is very light-weighted because it is using its core-functions.
  • T Troy License holderHosted License
    Purchased on Feb 23, 2016
    1 year ago
    Thinking of buying. Was wondering if instead of having /product, can the component have /item, while keeping SEO in tact? Thanks.
  • J Johannes 1 year ago
    Hi Tim, I've got WordPress and WooCommerce installed in Finnish. Which means that instead of /product and /product-category I have /tuote and /tuote-osasto. Therefore, my question is: does your plugin have language support and can it handle other languages than English? Br, Johannes
  • FM Ferrai Manuel 1 year ago
    Dear hello, We are interested on the WooCommerce URL Cleaner. But including in the price are only 1 URL/Homepage. But our problem is now we have it on a other testserver for testing offline. In january we set it online if we see all changes and also if url cleaner works we can do it online on new dedicated server. For this reason i want to ask if we can buy in name of testserver: http://mw.dev.ideefix.net/product/kugelschreiber-snake/ And when we ready to go online with Final url: http://meine-werbeartikel.com Looking forward for your reply. Best Regards, Manuel
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