Word Slider for iOS

Word Slider for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Word Slider is iOS word search game for iPhone and iPad, with support for iOS 7. It supports 8 languages and has built in Game Center and Banners for your ads.

Build your own word search game for the iPhone and iPad. In Word Slider, payers slide their finger to connect characters in a grid to find the words and get points.


Supports 8 Languages

The game is completely translated to 8 languages with the option to easily add more.

Included languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Danish, Bulgarian, Russian

2 Game Modes

Normal Mode: You have 2 minutes to find as much words as you can.

Extreme Mode: You have 2 minutes to find as much words as you can while distractions are trying to slow you down. They can be changing the color of the letters, shaking letters and falling stars from the top of the screen.

Free & full versions

Free Version: In free version the player has 60 seconds to play, there will be banners at the top of the screen, after finishing a round he will be not able to see all words in the grid only the biggest one and there will be no Combo words (What is combo words please see below).

Full Version: Every feature that Free version does not support the is available in the full version.

Combo Words

There are combos which give extra seconds in order to help you out. If you find 3 words in a row and these words have the same length you get bonus seconds. Depending on how long the words are, more seconds will be given to the player.

In-App Purchases

Several in-app purchases are implemented. If you want to upload the free version you can activate the in-app purchase to enable players to buy the full version of the app, or you can upload both separately.

Game Center integration

Leaderboards and Achievements are implemented in the game.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter and Share score by email are supported in the game.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support

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Installation & Requirements

Requirements needed in order to run the game on the computer:

  • A computer running Mac OSX
  • Xcode installed

Required steps to run the game:

  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Open “Word Slider” Folder
  • Open Word Slider.xcodeproj
  • Make sure to hit iOS Device on the top left corner and select – iPhone or iPad Simulator
  • Hit RUN and wait a bit to load the game.

Now you can play the game from your simulator.

How to change / add graphics

  • Open the Word Slider.xcodeproj.
  • On the left side is located the project navigator.
  • Select and expand Word Slider folder
  • Inside you will find Strings.h file. Open it
  • Inside Strings.h file are located all game graphics and localizations. In order to change the graphics first you need to upload the new graphics by dragging and dropping it in the project navigator. After that you need to open the Strings.h file find the selected graphic and change the name to the one that you upload.

Set up Game Center

To set up the Game Center you need to do the following steps:

  • You need to have Paid Apple Developer Account
  • Register the game in iTunesConnect with your account
  • Configure the game center leaderboards
  • After you create a leaderboard, copy the “Leaderboard ID”.

Open Xcode expand the GameCenter folder and open AppSpecificValues.h. you will see two lines there:

define normalLeaderboardID @"place the leaderboard id here"
define extremeLeaderboardID @"Extreme mode leaderboard here"

Now you need to create 2 leaderboards in iTunes and replace the text with the leaderboards IDs .

  1. Replace the game Bundle Identifier with the one that you created in iTunes
  2. Connect while registered the game.
  3. Go and expand Supporting files and open Word Slider-Info.plist inside you will find Bundle Identifier field, place it there.

Set up In-App Purchases

To set up the In-app purchases you need to have:

  • Paid Apple Developer Account
  • Register a game in iTunesConnect with your account
  • Create a new in-app purchase from iTunes connect
  • Get the in-app purchases identifier
  • Open Xcode and go to ViewController.m
  • Go to line number 68 and change @" WRITE HERE YOUR IN-APP IDENTIFIER" with the in-app identifier you just created in iTunes connect. Write the identifier inside the @””, or it will not work.
  • Go to line number 947 and do the same.
  • Go to GamePlayView.m and go to line number 116. There is a function there called bannerAction. If you want your banner of the free version to work with your in-app purchase uncomment lines 134 to 142 and replace @"WRITE HERE YOUR IN-APP IDENTIFIER" again with the in-app identifier.

You are all set up now, make sure the device has Internet connection and the in-app purchases is active. It takes a while before Apple approves the In-App purchases, so please be patient.

Set up free or full version

You can choose to play the full version of the game or the free version. You can also add In-app purchases so the people can upgrade to the full version once they download the free version. In order to set the version to full open ViewController.m file and go to line number 48, which looks as follows:

[prefs setBool:YES forKey:@"isPurchase"];

If setBool is YES the game will be Full if its not it will load the free version. If you are going to upload the game in the app store remove this line of code. After removing the code it will detect the free version with option to purchase the full version. If you want to upload directly the full version set the setBool to YES and upload the game.

Set Mail Account for feedback button

Open ViewController.m and go to line number 362. There is a function called -(IBAction)sendFeedback

When a user press the feedback button this function is called in order to send email. To set up the email go to line number: 384 and change the string to your email address.

Prepare for App Store

The game is fully implemented and already passed the App store approval. The only things you need to do in order to upload the game is have an Apple developer account, and replace the assets. Make sure to test the game a while before uploading it.

How to upload to the App store

  • Product -> Archive
  • Wait until process is finish and the click distribute.

Questions and Answers

Q: Why I can’t run the project? A: Make sure you selected an iOS Device. You need to have simulator in order to run it.

Q: Why In-app purchases don’t work? A: After you create an in-app purchase in your iTunes account there is approval process. Usually this takes between 15-30 days. You can always have a test account to test it.

Q: Can I upload the full version of the app only? A: Yes you can. Open ViewController.m and go to line number 48. Change setBool to YES. Now you can upload the game it will be the full version.

Please make sure to test the game before uploading.

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