WordPress Binpress Component Widget

This simple to use plugin allows you to post your BinPress Affiliate Widget with ease on WordPress through shortcode or Widget area.

  • Language: PHP
    Platform(s): Wordpress
  • Released: Jan 27, 2012
    Last Update: Jan 27, 2012

I found out a while ago that WordPress does not like the BinPress affiliate widget, so instead of fighting with it, I created this easy to use plugin that allows you to place the widget anywhere, and use any of the options from the actual Widget.

The First Shortcode

To use the shortcode you simply write:

[binpress ad="YOUR ID"]

This is the simplest way to use the shortcode, and it will show a random component.

Want to show a static component?

That's easy, just type:

[binpress ad="YOUR ID" component="COMPONENT ID"]

You know, that awesome little number up top at the end of the URL?

Here is a full list of options for the shortcode:

  • ad - Affiliate ID
  • component - Component ID
  • language (actionscript,c,coldfusion,etc) - The short language code, full list can be found in the Widget area.
  • color (default is empty, and orange, only other option is blue)
  • framework (This option requires that you are using Language)
  • platform (This option requires that you are using Language)

The Second Shortcode

The second shortcode is [binpress_banner]. This will show the static image banners for the BinPress affiliate IDs.


  • ad - Affiliate ID
  • width - The width of the banner.
  • height - The height of the banner.
  • alt - This is an optional tag that allows you to edit the alt text of the banner image.

Valid width / height combinations:

200x200, 250x250, 280x58, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, 728x90.


Installation Instructions

As this is a WordPress plugin, installation is as simple as uploading the file through their form. WordPress will automatically install the plugin for you.

But, that sometimes isn't a possibility, so here are the manual instructions, just in case you need them:

  1. Upload the zip file to /wp-content/plugins
  2. Unzip the file, it should create a folder /binpress-widget
  3. If the folder is not created, simply create it and move the unzipped files to the folder.

Now, after you've done either method from above, you will need to activate the plugin from the plugins menu. Once that is done, you can move on to using the shortcode, or setting up the widget.

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  • The WordPress Binpress component widget does easy to integrate. Just by using its shortcodes, place it anywhere and you have the widget. Its really a time saver and help me (or anyone) who use it a lot. Thanks!
    S Semut
    3 years ago, 0 comments
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  • Integration is as easy as it could get.
    TN Torin Nguyen
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • Works perfectly. Well written and easy to use.
    S SellMyApplication
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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