WordPress Customize Pro

WordPress Customize Pro

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Customize every aspect of your WordPress back-end, including menus, dashboard, login page, css, page options, and post options.

WordPress Customize Pro is a Wordpress plugin for customizing the administration panel of Wordpress.

Customization options:


  • Rearrange menu items
  • Set user permissions for each menu and sub-menu.
  • Rename menus and sub-menus.
  • Change menu url.

Admin Settings

  • Enable Login URL Redirect.
  • Hide Update Reminder.
  • Hide Help Box.
  • Hide Screen Options.


  • Hide WordPress Logo.
  • Add Your Logo.
  • Add Dashboard Logo.
  • Replace Dashboard Heading.
  • Custom Footer Logo.
  • Developer Website URL (Footer).
  • Developer Website Name (Footer).
  • Hide WP Version (Footer).
  • Custom Login Logo.
  • Custom Login CSS.
  • Custom Page Titles

Dashboard Options

  • Recent comments permissions.
  • Incoming Links permissions.
  • Plugins permissions.
  • QuickPress permissions.
  • Recent Drafts prmissions.
  • WordPress Blog permissions.
  • Other WordPress News permissions.

Post Options

  • Customize permissions for all buttons.
  • Customize permissions for all optins.

Page Options

  • Customize permissions for all buttons.
  • Customize permissions for all optins.

Link Options

  • Customize permissions for all link options, including Name, Web Address, Description, Categories and Target.

Nav Menu Options

  • Customize permissions for Help, Screen Options, Theme Locations, Custom Links, Categories, Tags, Format, Posts, Pages.

More Info at: Documentation

There are many WordPress Customizers out there, but this one combines all their features and tens of more.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Hosted License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Non-commercial use


Just Install the Plugin as A Regular WordPress Plugin, a new menu item should appear named "Custom Backend", this is your WordPress Customizer control center, you should see all the customization options under this page.

> For Step by Step Installation: Docs

How To Use

WordPress Customize Pro is Made so that everyone can easily use it, its a one-page plugin, you see all the customization under each section. Here is a screenshot: alt text


Here is the complete documentation

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