WP.OctoMS is a lightweight, powerful WordPress Theme framework.

  • Language: PHP
    Platform(s): Wordpress
  • Released: Jun 18, 2012
    Last Update: Jun 22, 2012

This framework will make you a WordPress superstar!

If your are looking for

  • a professional framework to build an awesome website for your client / company using WordPress


  • a powerful, lightweight scaffolding to create stunning WordPress themes to sell on marketplaces such as ThemeForest

this is the software you were looking for!

Tools such as self documentation, advanced debugging, advanced error logging will significantly reduce the learning curve for this software.

Tools such as hybrid widgets and automatic routing will help you spend less time coding and more time designing your WordPress theme.

A powerful WordPress theme Framework

WP.OctoMS is a powerful object-oriented WordPress theme Framework with an MVC architecture.

Create a new admin section for your theme in less than 30 seconds, by adding a method to an admin controller.

Create a new widget and shortcode in less than 10 seconds, by adding a method to a widget controller.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Use pre-built tools for tasks such as image manipulation, ZIP generation etc.

Debugging! The main issue with WordPress is now a thing of the past with the framework's advanced debuging wizard that lists:

  • Call stack
  • POST, GET, SESSION variables
  • Header information
  • Output Buffer contents
  • Source code preview
  • Routing information
  • Flags you set along your code
  • ... much more



This framework was tested with the following hosting environments:

  • Godaddy Shared hosting (one of the top hosting providers)
  • Bluehost Shared hosting (one of the top WordPress hosting partners)
  • A dedicated hosting environment

No issues were encountered.

Hybrid widgets

  • Create a widget and shortcode by adding a method to a widget controller
  • Create the widget's form by correctly formatting the method' comments
  • Append JavaScript and CSS
  • Use the in-built AJAX component
  • PHP templating system
  • Access to all of the framework's Libraries, Models, Helpers and tools

Here's an example on how to create a new widget.

  • Add a method to a controller in the app/stages/island/widgets/{controller name}/controllers/w_{controller name}.inc controller. Here, {controller name} is the desired name for your widget. The class name must be the same as the controller filename.
  • Format the method's comment to describe its arguments and output


  * Mr.
  * Mrs.
  * @_content Append information
  * @author Me
 function another($name='world')
     * Homework: Implement politeness
    // Remove the underscore from "@_param string $gender (...)" in the method's comment.
    /* And -this1)
      // Get the second argument
      $title = strval($args[1]);

      // Append to the name
      $name = $title . ' ' . ucwords($name);

     * Always verify your arguments
    if (is_string($name))
      print 'Hello '.$name.'!';

    /* SHORTCODE - ready
     * The text encapsulated in the shortcode call
     * For example: 
     *    Shortcode [content another]Foo[/content]
     *    ...produces...
     *    $this-__content = 'Foo'
//      print $this-__content;

    /* WordPress WIDGET - ready
     * If you wish to be able to set the __content from
     * the WordPress widget form created automatically,
     * remove the underscore from "@_content Append information" in the method's comment
     *                              ^

    /* OctoMS WIDGET - ready
     * If you wish to set the __content from the template-widget() method
     * use the following writing
     * octoms('template',OMS_L)-widget('content','another',null,'Foo');
     *                                                             ^

 }// end function another()

For further information please refer to the documentation provided with your package.

Advanced routing

Create a new administrative section by simply adding a new method to a controller.

Do more, write less

Write a complete admin page with less than 20 lines of code.

For example, create a Facebook App ID admin page by adding this method to a controller in the app/stages/island/controllers/actions folder. The controller file name is used to append a main section to the Admin interface.

template-title('Facebook configuration page');

           // Update the data

           // Display the form

      }// end function facebook()


The software is capable of reading its source-code and interpreting function comments to deliver comprehensive information including:

  • Function/method arguments
  • Return value
  • Function/method description
  • Usage examples


  • Image manipulation
  • CSV
  • ZIP
  • Request via CURL or fopen
  • Templating system
  • Session management
  • WordPress settings management
  • Advanced error handling
  • Advanced error logging - Errors are logged in CSV files with full details
  • ReCaptcha library
  • AJAX-ready
  • ... many more


We've also included a full [responsive WordPress theme](http://theme.octoms.com/storylime "Bonus: Theme StoryLime"), complete with documentation and screenshots so you can quickly learn how to develop your own theme.

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  • So far so good. I'm quite impressed with the quality of this framework.
    JP Julio Pehrson
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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  • This is exactly what we were looking for and really easy to learn too. We started building sidebar widgets and shortcodes in less than 30 minutes! Our client is impressed and we saved many development hours. Overall, this is a great wp theme framework.
    MA Mihai Anghelea
    2 years ago, 0 comments
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