We’ve received some great press recently. We’re really excited and the overall reception has been mostly great.

Mashable’s Jolie O’Dell wrote :

If you’re a developer interested in earning some passive income for blocks of code, or if you’re a dev who’d like to save time by buying someone else’s code, we’ve got an interesting proposition for you … Binpress is a good-looking, functional site that meets the need

The Next Web’s Brad McCarty wrote :

We love the fact that binpress isn’t aiming to be the lowest common denominator in the code buying and selling game. Instead of looking for deep discounts, the site provides a full, classy landing page to really showcase the work of the developer

The Startup Foundry’s Paul Hontz wrote :

Binpress has a lot of potential. I hope they are able to attract some top notch developers, it will be impossible for them to succeed without the communities involvement. Their $40,000 challenge tells me they understand this too, and they are going to do everything they can to build the best place to buy code.

We’d like the thank the writers for the coverage and the positive articles they’ve written. Hopefully more to come soon.

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