After a couple of weeks of reviewing and judging the entries to our programming contest, we finally have our winners!

Grand Prize

Marcelo Gornstein is our grand prize winner for Ding, a spring-like framework. Robert Diana reviewed it and had this to say- “This is supposedly a young framework, but it is definitely an aggressive undertaking. Bringing core concepts from Spring into PHP is an interesting idea.”


First runner up is Lidan Hifi for Neo 4 .Net. Karsten Januszewski wrote – “very well written code — deep project –cool wrapper”.

3rd place winner is Louis-Rémi Babé for jquery-2D-transform. John Resig wrote – “Very nice! Great to have a unified plugin to handle all of this, especially against older versions of Internet Explorer as well.”

Category winners

We will be contacting the winners in the next couple of days to process their prizes. We want to thank to everyone who participated and contributed to making this contest a success. A special thanks goes out to our awesome judges – John Resig, Jon Skeet, Karsten Januszewski, Robert Diana, Alon Carmel, Benjamin Curtis, Max Ramsay and Rafeal Ackermann.

Of course, this contest wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing sponsors who contributed all of the prizes – Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Conduit, Tropo, Entp, August Interactive, Cloudkick, Media Temple, uTest, Clicktale, Donanza, Fusionads, atechmedia, Websolr, Ronin, GitHub, Zend, Linode, Sendgrid, Zencoder, Toggl, Blonde 2.0, DynDNS, Influads, Wrox, Typekit, O’reilly and Atlassian.

A special thanks goes out to Rodica Buzesca from Amazon Web Services, Anna Martin and Tomas G. from August Interactive who went out their way to help us.

We intend to run similar contests in the future, so stay tuned.

Things to come

Until now we have been focused mostly on recruiting developers to create the initial inventory at Binpress. Since the end of the contest we have been shifting some of our efforts from recruiting developers to bringing potential buyers to the Binpress marketplace. We have just added a new team member that is an expert on online marketing and his job will be to maximize your revenue on Binpress. He will be introduced in a separate blog post soon.

Some of you have been making sales already – but you haven’t seen anything yet. All of those sales were the results of the traffic generated for the contest, but we will now start generating additional traffic with purchase intent, as well as improving our sales funnel through the site. It will take a couple of months to really be noticed, but look forward to it. If you have more packages you think could be sold on Binpress, we encourage you to prepare and publish it.

A new forum and an upcoming statistics overhaul

We’ve started an internal forum for all of our developers, and it’s located at (also linked from the header). If you have feedback, questions, feature suggestions or anything else Binpress-related you want to discuss – get cracking on the forums! we want to hear what you think and how can we improve.

One new feature that should be finished soon is an overhaul of the developer statistics. We will be giving more data and control, such as filtering to specific components and month-by-month comparisons. A Binpress newsletter will be sent when the feature is done – if your newsletter setting is off in your developer account, make sure to turn it on to get notified when it’s ready.

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