Alright, new features!

Things are moving rapidly at Binpress, even if it’s not always noticeable. There have been some changes and new features, so lets go over those in random order:

  1. We now support mobile development officially – objective-C has been added as another language and Android as a platform for Java. Two new categories has been added as well – game development and project management. If you have suggestions for more platforms / frameworks / categories you want to use, feel free to chime in about it in the forum or in the comments for this post.
  2. Statistics have been enhanced and redesigned. You can now filter down to specific components as well get as get a month-by-month overview of your Binpress activity.
  3. Component approval process has been streamlined into simple discussions boards for each component. You can leave us a comment on any component during any phase of the process and even after approval, and we’ll get back to you on whatever issue is at hand – approval, licensing, pricing and everything related. Look for the “Comments and feedback” link in your component listing.

Participate in the forums

We are a very young service and community, so you have a unique opportunity to influence how things move from here. Have requests, ideas, suggestions or rants? we want to hear from you in our forums.

A couple of select threads that are important and need some love:

We’re human, we make mistakes

An apology – for the newsletter mishap(s) earlier this week. Some of you received a test newsletter while others received an Email from our new marketing chief, Adam T., in which he addressed it to himself :)

We’re very sorry for those mistakes but they do happen and we hope you take them in stride. We do our best not to spam you and we do appreciate your attention.

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