In order to get your juices flowing and get you guys motivated, we’ve decided to start a new contest. This one is not as epic as our $40,000 giveaway one, but I promise there are more to come!

Here’s the deal: you write about us – we give you a shiny new iPad2 or an Android based Motorola XOOM. Simple, right?

Here’s what you do:

1. Write a blog post about Binpress.
Whether you’re a PHP developer, a mobile developer, or you rock some C++. Write a useful post for developers about Binpress, something useful that adds value for developers.

2. Join Binpress.
If you haven’t already. Here’s the link. Go.

3. Pick a prize.
Comment on this thread (It’s on our Facebook page, you’ll have to like us first), with a link to your blog post and make sure you tell us if you want an iPad2 or a XOOM Tablet.

Make sure you stay a fan of the Binpress page, not only because it’s awesome, but because we need to contact you if you win.

The boring stuff

The contest starts today, and will end at 26 June 2011. The Binpress team will pick the 10 most useful posts of all submitted posts, and these would be published on our Facebook page, where our awesome community will vote and pick the winner (Please note, we reserve the right to block users if they are suspected in fraudulent activity).


The post that will be chosen by our community as the big winner will get its writer a brand new Motorola XOOM Android Tablet or an iPad 2 (if you win, you get to choose, we won’t send you an iPad if you’re an Android-type ;)).

If you don’t win the first prize, you can still win a $100 voucher for Amazon Web Services (AWS), courtesy of our awesome sponsor, Amazon. We’ll give the voucher to the 10 top posts.

Not sure what to write about?

Here are a few ideas:
– Write about how to use a Binpress component in a project
– Write about your experience with Binpress, or what you think about this initiative.
– Write a review about a component of your choice.
– Need more ideas? Don’t hesitate to ask us (or just go ahead and write any post about Binpress).

That’s it. Let’s get going!


  • Contest starts May 26, 2011 UTC 00:00 and ends June 26, 2011 at 23:59 UTC.
  • Contest is open to everyone.
  • Entry has to be posted on this thread on our facebook fan page to be eligible.
  • Top 10 posts will be picked by the Binpress team, winner will be picked by the community. All decisions are final.
  • Winner residing outside of the United States may receive cash-value instead of the iPad 2 or Android Device.
  • Winners will be notified by email or via Facebook
  • Questions, comments, rants should be directed to
  • GO!
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