You might have missed Oculus Connect when it took place last month in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss the presentations. Videos of every talk, panel and keynoted have found their way to the company’s website, complete with slides. In all, you’ve got sixteen videos that include everything from technical talks about designing virtual reality experiences to inside looks at the company’s progress. Below we’ve included a few presentations that stood out to us, and links to every session and their accompanying slides.

Introduction to Audio in VR

Oculus Audio Engineer Brian Hook gives us a fairly technical introduction (along with tips and tricks) to designing audio for virtual reality. This will come particularly handy for folks working with Oculus’ latest headset prototype, which adds built-in audio support.

Download the slides here.

Integrating the Oculus Rift into Unreal Engine 4

Nick Whiting and Nick Donaldson from Epic Games cover how they integrated the Oculus Rift into Unreal Engine 4, and share what they learned along the way.

Download the slides here.

John Carmack’s Keynote

John Carmack spent most of this past year working on a partnership between Oculus and Samsung to create Gear VR, a headset that uses the latter’s Note 4 smartphone as a screen. In this talk, Carmack covers the history of the project, how far they come and what flaws remain.

“I believe pretty strongly in being very frank and open about flaws and the limitations, so this is kind of where I go off-message a little bit from the standard PR plan and talk very frankly about things,” Carmack says.

It’s an hour and a half of John Carmack dishing on his work on VR. What more could you ask for?


For the other presentations, check out the following list.

  • Building the First Development Kit – Nirav Patel: Video | Slides
  • The Human Visual System – Richard Yao: Video | Slides
  • The Value of VR for Professional Applications – Sebastian Kuntz: Video |Slides
  • Keynote: Brendan Iribe and Nate Mitchell – Video
  • Keynote: Michael AbrashVideo
  • Keynote: Future of VR Panel – Video
  • Mastering The Oculus SDK – Michael Antonov and Volga Aksoy: Video | Slides
  • Developing VR Experiences with the Oculus Rift – Tom Forsyth: Video | Slides
  • Learning from Lucky’s Tale – Dan Hurd and Paul Bettner: Video | Slides
  • 360 Degree Filmmaking for VR – Kamal Sinclair, Chris Milk, Paul Raphaël, and Ikrima Elhassen: Video | Slides
  • Elevating Your VR – Tom Heath: Video | Slides
  • Getting Started with Gear – Max Cohen and Ryan Rutherforod: Video | Slides
  • Film and Storytelling in VR – Eugene Chung, Robert Stromberg, John Gaeta, Saschka, and Kim Liberi: Video | Slides
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