Author: Alexis Santos

About Alexis Santos

Alexis is an editor for Binpress. He's a freelance writer, podcaster and web developer who often pens stories about gadgets and science for Engadget.

This week we talk with Hal Bergman, a photographer who specializes in industrial and travel photography, has worked with┬ácompanies ranging from Apple to American Express, and creates stunning timelapse video art. He’s also responsible for the Magic Window app for … Continue reading

On this episode we talk with Sacha Greif, a designer and developer behind a myriad of projects. You might know Sacha from his book Discover Meteor, which provides a comprehensive introduction to building web and mobile apps with Meteor, a … Continue reading

This week we talk with Stefan Reitshamer, founder of Haystack Software and creator of Arq, the backup app that uses the storage you already have — whether that’s Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, or otherwise. Stefan discusses how … Continue reading

On this episode we talk with Guy English, founder of Aged & Distilled, the software shop behind the Mac annotation app Napkin. Guy discuses how he left the game development world for software development, why burnout isn’t worth the perceived … Continue reading

This week we talk with Jonathan Deutsch, founder of Tumult, the software outfit behind Hype. If you’re not familiar with Hype, it’s a Mac app that helps users create stunning animated and interactive HTML5 content, and it’s used by both … Continue reading

This episode we talk with Gus Mueller, founder of Flying Meat Software and creator of Acorn, the image editor for humans, built for Macs. Gus covers why you should still sell direct, his thoughts on sales, how he handles competition, … Continue reading