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This episode we talk with Jamie Smyth, CEO The Smyth Group and TypeEngine, a platform and service for building tablet-native publications. Jamie covers how Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst for his agency, why having a dedicated contact person is vital … Continue reading

Game design is as much a science as it is an art, and Snoman Gaming has been taking a look at some of the core principles at the heart of great games. This time the focus is on players growing stronger, silent storytelling, … Continue reading

This article is the second in an ongoing series on how to launch indie games. Missed part one? Read it here. Your game’s website is possibly the most important piece in your marketing puzzle. It’s where you can best showcase … Continue reading

Build, measure, learn. Move fast and break things. These are guiding principals for many who build digital products. They place a premium on the short term, a cycle of building quickly, evaluating success and starting over. While such strategies help creators … Continue reading

This week we talk with Adam Atomic Saltsman, the video game designer behind Canabalt, Wurdle, Hundreds and Finji. Adam discusses tips for making game development businesses sustainable and why communication in teamwork is just as important as technical skill. He … Continue reading

We’re happy to announce the release of a product we’ve been working on for a while: fully featured stores for digital products. We’ve been building Binpress as a distribution channel for digital goods since 2011, focusing on source-code products initially. … Continue reading