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On this episode we talk with Dries Buytaert, founder of Acquia and creator of Drupal, the incredibly popular open source CMS. Dries covers how he got his start, Drupal’s origins, how Acquia found its footing, and why people skills are … Continue reading

This week, we chat with Slava Akhmechet, co-founder of RethinkDB, an open-source distributed database taking the development world by storm. Slava discusses why experimental work often doesn’t make the cut for commercial codebases, why you should focus on ideas instead … Continue reading

Over the summer we interviewed ten developers who’ve built successful software businesses: from Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical and Ubuntu fame to Mitchell Hashimoto of HashiCorp and Vagrant. We asked them about their mistakes and their triumphs, as well as what … Continue reading

On our tenth episode, we talk with with Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant and Founder of HashiCorp, the force behind projects such as Packer, Serf, Consul and Terraform. Mitchell discusses the importance of not naming your company after your flagship … Continue reading

This week we talk with Torstein Hønsi, Founder and CTO of Highsoft, the makers of popular JavaScript libraries such as Highcharts and Highslide. Torstein covers how this all began with a project built while working on an oil rig and grew … Continue reading

We’re kicking off a brand new podcast to interview people across the spectrum of software development: from independent devs making a living on their projects to folks at software outfits now considered titans in their respective arenas, open source or otherwise. … Continue reading