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On this episode we talk with Roger Dannenberg, co-creator of Audacity and Professor of Computer Science, Art, and Music at Carnegie Mellon University. If, by chance, you’re not familiar with Audacity, it’s a wildly popular open source audio editor and … Continue reading

On this episode we talk with Dries Buytaert, founder of Acquia and creator of Drupal, the incredibly popular open source CMS. Dries covers how he got his start, Drupal’s origins, how Acquia found its footing, and why people skills are … Continue reading

Vim has existed for 23 years, and it’s been used to write millions upon millions of lines of code. We caught up with Bram Moolenaar, creator of the text editor, to ask him about what he’s learned building it over the past two … Continue reading

On this episode we talk with Louis Suárez-Potts, Open Source Strategist and Co-Founder of Age of Peers, a marketing, community development and media relations consultancy for organizations involved in open source. He’s also a Project Management Committee member for Apache Open … Continue reading

This week we talk with Shay Banon, co-founder and CTO of Elasticsearch, the open source distributed search engine. Shay covers how a cooking app birthed Elasticsearch, why open source businesses are better based on runtimes than libraries, and much more. … Continue reading

This week we talk with Mike Perham, CEO of Contributed Systems and creator of popular Ruby gems such as Sidekiq and Dalli. Mike covers the zen and art of naming open source projects, what the sweet spot for pricing is … Continue reading