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I recently came across a great and thorough answer on Quora on Pricing Software Products by Hiten Shah, and as it is a common theme on our blog here is a short version of the main points: End the price … Continue reading

Putting a price on software is one of the most difficult decisions for developers when releasing their own products. We’ve previously written about how to approach pricing like a science and how to address specific technical audience. We also shared … Continue reading

Ruben Gamez, a web developer and founder of Bidsketch – a project proposal service, has written a very interesting post about the iterations he went through with Bidsketch pricing, what worked and what didn’t. The pricing plan he talks about … Continue reading

I’ve previously written extensively about taking an analytical approach to the pricing of software products. In this article,  I want to cover specifically the type of products we list on Binpress – libraries, SDKs and other source-code components for various … Continue reading

What do you do when the sales of your software does not meet your expectations? Especially when it’s your first commercial product and you have no previous experience selling software? In the past months we’ve noticed a phenomenon repeating itself … Continue reading

One of the hardest parts when releasing a software product is determining the ideal pricing point. Wouldn’t you like to know the magic number that doubles your profit? Pricing is not an exact science, but it is not magic either … Continue reading