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This past I/O, Google showcased smartwatches powered by Android Wear, including the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live while the Moto 360 was promised a summer release. Many developers have already brought their Android apps to these wearable devices, but … Continue reading

Image credit: Morten Oddvik, Flickr Displaying PDFs on iOS devices is pretty straightforward, but things get trickier for more advanced usage, such as embedding media, adding annotations, performing text search with support for multiple languages and more. In this post we compare the most … Continue reading

A year after pulling back the curtains on the Polymer Project, Google’s taken part of I/O 2014 to demo what the code can do. Right on cue, the web is abuzz with discussion comparing Polymer to other popular web frameworks, and it’s no surprise … Continue reading

Probably the biggest announcement — from an iOS developer’s point of view — at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco 2-6 June, was the introduction of a new programming language, Swift, to replace Objective C. The announcement … Continue reading