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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Answer The Pictures iOS Starter Kit May 6

Build word-guessing puzzle games based on images, with easy customization and nice particle effects. Add levels and assets without programing skills by editing .plist text files.

iOS Boilerplate and Template Apr 22

Structure and foundation for building better iOS apps with coding standards, testing, common utilities and more.

Photo Decorator iOS Starter Kit Mar 5

An iOS app starterkit that allows you to decorate photos with various kinds of stickers.

4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS Jan 24

4 pics 1 statement for iOS is a starter kit written in Objective-C and largely inspired by the famous application "4 pics 1 word", which allows the player to guess a picture out of 4 options presented on the screen. The starter kit includes documentation and the Xcode project as well as resources for both the iPhone and iPad.

Crappy Bird - Flappy Bird Skin Apr 19

This is a fully functional Flappy Bird Reskin App for an iOS Universal App called Crappy Bird. This is so easy to reskin, even people without programming experience could do it!

Word Slider for iOS Mar 21

Word Slider is iOS word search game for iPhone and iPad, with support for iOS 7. It supports 8 languages and has built in Game Center and Banners for your ads.

AirDrop and Social Sharing - Universal iOS App Mar 26

Integrate image and text sharing in your iOS app, via AirDrop and other channels including Twitter, Facebook and Mail.

Reversi - Universal iOS App + iAd + AdBuddiz Apr 1

The Reversi puzzle game as a Universal iOS App (iPhone & iPad). The source to the full game, with multiple Ad placements (banner and interstitial).

Macaco Jump Platformer Game for iOS Apr 23

The complete source for the "Macao Jump" game with three levels, three different types of Ads, GameCenter integration and push notifications.

Restaurant App Template for iOS7 Apr 23

Easily create a beautiful restaurant app, features menu, news, location and reservation.

Bird Rage: Multiplayer Racing Game Kit for iOS May 25

This source code will provide a huge headstart in developing your own racing/shooting game hybrid for iOS.

iOS Color Picker May 28

Simple and easy color picker for iOS.