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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

LEARN course management iOS 8 app & CMS [Swift 2 & Objective-C] Jan 13

LEARN is a course management system composed of an iOS 8 app (iPhone and iPad) template and web-based backend. Administrators can add courses and send push notifications straight from their browser to users of the mobile app.

Scroll Lazy Image Load for iOS

A UIScrollView component that lazy loads images as the user scrolls the view horizontally.

Vanilla Javascript Image Crop Component

Simple to use, plug-and-play JavaScript component for image area select and cropping. No framework needed!

Simple image resize

A class for resizing images. Can be used manipulate width and height for images for application images, website images and other use-cases

PHP & AJAX Store Locator

An easy-to-configure PHP, AJAX & MySQL store locator script using Google Maps.

PHP QRcode Generator

QR Code image generator using Google Charts API. Generate QR images with custom properties and save, embed and download it on the fly.

iOS Image Editing Component

A standalone image editing component for iOS that can be incorporated into your own app or expanded upon. Includes drawing, camera function, image filters and effects.

PageFlip 3D Book SDK

PageFlip 3D Book SDK is the easiest way to create a high-resolution story book with intuitive OpenGL page flip effect.

easyRetina jQuery

This components adds a fancy retina-like zoom-effect onto your scaled images.

Jurassic App - Photo Decoration Universal iOS App

The source and tutorial of Jurassic App, a photo decoration app available on the appstore.

Gallerie - PHP Image Gallery Manager

Gallerie is a PHP image gallery management web application that was built to be easy to use with flexible output options.

Video / Audio Downloader SDK

Video / Audio Downloader SDK is a library that let you find and download audio/video content from any web-pages on the Internet