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Professional Code Packages

A curated listing of mature, production ready, commercial and open-source code that solves real-world requirements.

Winforms Gantt Chart

This .NET 4.0 class library project provides a C# Winforms UserControl that draws a gantt chart using GDI+

Advanced Slide View Controller Oct 22

Slide to navigate view controller for ios 6.0 + with support for storyboard and multiple orientations

News Feed App Design Template for Android Nov 28

Build the ultimate news app with this Android design template. Package includes the implementation of the design template in an apk format, its source code and the original PSD files.

Cyborg for Android Aug 23

A wrapper framework over Android to simplify Android development.

Codespire Dokumen - Responsive Markdown Viewer Jun 29

Dokumen is drop-in Markdown document viewer, with minimal setup you can create a beautiful document site from Markdown document and upload it online or use in your application distribution.

OCatalog - iOS catalog app with admin panel Sep 5

OCatalog is a complete solution for publishing iPad/iPhone (iOS7 ready) catalogs in a blink as a stand-alone application.

WHOIS Domain Name Checker .NET API Nov 24

A .NET assembly for checking domain name status through WHOIS.

WebPass Oct 23

Save, user-friendly account credentials and password manager for teams.

AFTodo May 31

A full-featured, professional GTD app for iPhone/iPad

Classborn TreeMap Jan 19

Classborn Treemap is a jQuery plugin that can deliver basic treemap plotting for easy data analysis and presentation.

PDF SDK for Android

Adds a PDF Reader and Viewer support to your Android application.